I talked to the actor-comedian-producer-Alzheimer’s activist — and discovered these tidbits.

I interview celebrities for a living. What they say often surprises me. Here’s what Seth Rogen revealed about himself (with help from his wife, Lauren).

He’s super-sensitive.

Seth and Lauren head up Hilarity for Charity, an organization that raises awareness and funds for Alzheimer’s disease. When I talked to the duo for a story that ran in WebMD Campus, I asked Lauren if the work brought out his serious side.

Her answer: “Who he is in movies is not necessarily who he is in real life. He’s a very lovely, sensitive, caring person — and partner to me and to my whole family.” It was an “aw-shucks” moment that, for a few seconds, left Seth speechless.

He’s a homebody.

Seth is a high-profile guy, so it looks as if he’s constantly out and about doing something interesting. But he told me he doesn’t go out much — and when he does, he’d almost always rather be at home with Lauren, doing nothing.

“We’re pretty boring,” he said, then named three things they typically do with their downtime:

Watch TV. Recent faves: Fargo, Making a Murderer and The People v. OJ Simpson.

Eat — a lot. Mostly it’s Buffalo wings.

Hang with their dog. Fortunately for everyone, Seth and Lauren’s Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Zelda, likes doing exactly what they do: hang out, watch TV and eat.

He’s humble.

Seth is one of those rare celebrities who presents himself as who he really is. No phoniness, no pretension.

When I asked him if he’s up-to-date on the latest Alzheimer’s research, he admitted he falls short and said, “I didn’t graduate high school, so I don’t retain the information as well.”

Of course, he’s a genius at turning his shortcomings into a laugh. Not only did he describe himself (with a chortle) as a “lazy man-child,” but when I asked what makes him the perfect person to speak up for Alzheimer’s, he said, ‘Heh, heh, heh, heh, I would never pretend that I am. When I’m your best celebrity spokesperson, you know your disease is screwed!”

Originally published at medium.com