promote female education

The field of science is challenging and an even greater challenge is to stand tall in this field as a woman. The society has always favored the higher education of men than women. But such days are gone. Now, women are performing equally well in all spheres of science and excelling. To be the best, you have to give more than your best, that is the simple strategy.

Be Well Acquainted With What Is Required 

In the world of competition and rat race, it is very crucial that you not only do hard work but also do smart work. As women, it is very important to plan strategically to break through the field of science

The building block of this is gathering information. The government sector and the private sector are literally head over heels to promote female education especially in the field of science. There are tons of special provisions, scholarships, and grants to aid women. Your success will ultimately depend on how you perform but this is like support systems that will help you establish a strong career in the field of science. These fellowships will not only help you out financially but they will also help you to get enough exposure. 

You must also start paying attention to the recent trends on the field of study. Research is the preliminary way in which you can leave a trail into the field of science. Associate yourself with research institutes in any way. This way you will have a glimpse of the kind of work that they perform. Channelize your thoughts and knowledge towards development. You cannot draw attention or set up a strong scientific career if your ideas and work do not reflect innovation. 

If you have to pursue research or be in the academic field you need to at least complete your masters and then step forward for Ph.D.  Usually, towards the end of your masters you will come across as a real professional field by engaging in several research projects. In any lab, master’s students are given an opportunity to assist research scholars to get a real-life experience

Also, if you work in any firms related to scientific progress, you need to have a  graduation in this field says Carrie Lasky, Ph.D. at a famous biotech firm Leinco which involves in various biotechnical products including antibodies or custom proteins You can watch out for their amazing breakthrough in biotechnology

Hardcore study? NO…More Like Smart Core Study

Gone are the days of mugging up things and sticking to norms and preconceived layouts. More than hard work, you need to do smart work. That implies, with the same effort, you can get better results. Technology is a boon in this case. Make optimum use of technology to procure better results

Organize your time and channelize your efforts in the proper direction. Do not waste your time carrying out things that can be easily done through any electronic device. Instead, engage yourself in building up and nurturing new ideas.

However, there is no alternative to a strong base. Try to clear your concepts like crystal. With vague ideas and obscure basic conceptions, you cannot stand anywhere.

When it is always appreciated that you indulge in new things, do not forget to take care of your old basic concepts. In this case, the early years really matter. If you are determined to take up a future career in the field of science, start preparing well ahead. 

The plus two curriculum matters a lot in this case. The things that you learn during your plus two will shape the basic foundation stone of your entire scientific career. So, concentrate on the scientific aspects during these early years. Always remember, the early bird catches the worm

Mental set up 

Lastly, mental preparation. It is of prime importance. This is the master key. You cannot move an inch ahead without adequate mental preparation. You have to get enough of control over your nerves to leave an impactful footprint in the field of science.

Here are a few mandates that might help you out

Science knows no gender. Do not ever think that you are a woman and hence science is not your cup of tea. Gender has got nothing to do with scientific aptitude. If you have the zeal and passion to pursue science, you can do it no matter what comes in your way.

Always remember that there is no alternative to hard work. There is simply no shortcut. There is no skipping of steps allowed in science. You will have to face the burning flames of science to test your mettle. It is only after that you will shine out as a diamond.

Always work in a systematic and scheduled way. Preset your future goals well in advance based on your future aspirations. Prepare study tables and optimize your time management. Time is the only restraint in the universe and so in science. All those months of free time that you get after the board exams or college finals can be utilized efficiently to take up small vocational scientific crash courses. This will enhance your outlook and knowledge greatly. 

Speak out to people and always be confident about yourself. Nobody has all the information, so you must never be afraid to ask questions. Keep in mind that humans have a basic inquisitive entire and this is the eternal pillar of science on earth. 

Share your ideas and be open to all comments. Listen to your criticism too. Evaluate yourself at every step. These are fundamental processes essential for the growth and personality maturation.

Lastly, do not overburden yourself. Your scientific career will shine only if you can think freely. Therefore, recreation is also essential. Spend time pursuing your favorite work. Your devotion to science will only proliferate I you give your thought and expression a clear sky to wave wings. Never deny yourself a good time.

If you are a parent or teacher, then focus on promoting active learning among your children or students. Theories are indeed important but hands-on activities will inculcate the seeds of scientific approach in the young minds