It was Jonathan B Bricker of the University of Washington who first wrote about the air travel stress and published the same on Researchgate. As he looked at this topic, he talked about terrorism, fear of strangers, hostility from the air hostesses and other passengers. Well, though he wrote about air travel, stress related to travel is across the board when you look at road and even rail travel.

I never knew that travelling could be so stressful until I was a grown up and had to take responsibilities of my own travels such as booking trains, packing and paying for the tickets. When I was moving to the town that I am currently working at, I remember how stressed out I was as I tried to think of how the travel would be, how unfamiliar the place I was coming to would treat me and such other things.

But once you plan your journey well and have a reliable companion to help you out, then you need not worry. Travel stress is a global thing. Everyone actually freaks out when they think about traveling and the preparedness that it demands.

Lets explore how to tackle stress related to travel:

Plan your journey early

Planning early helps you figure out everything that you will require during your journey. It also solves most of the anticipation mental pressure that you are likely to face.

It would help if you created a checklist of all the things that you will need for the journey so that you can have an easy time packing up things and getting ready to go. You also need to make sure to leave your house in order. This way, you will not feel stressed out when you are gone and have trouble thinking about how your dog is doing or whether your cat is being fed.

Book a nice travel companion

Honestly speaking, there are travel companies that just suck. They are either too late or have the most unprofessional and uncouth staff that one could ever think of.  You need to avoid them like the plague that they are.

But with a good travel companion like the DB Fahrplan train timetable, you are good to go. Here, you are able to book your railway travels in Germany seamlessly from your home without having to stand in long queues or guessing when a train is starting off.

You will have an easy time arranging all the things you need, be assured that no luggage of yours is going to miss and you will get the best customer service ever as you travel around.

Have happy thoughts

Sometimes stress related to travel stems from the fact that you are pessimistic about the whole travel thing. You have some sad thoughts about the strangers that you are going to meet. You are wary about how the food will be or even how the weather might be unfriendly. But all this comes to make things extra hard for you. How about having positive, happy thoughts about the whole travel thing.

Think about how exciting it will be to meet new people, make new friends, go out to exotic joints and dine new meals.