Bodybuilding is more than the greased up, rippling muscles you see on a stage a few times per year. It’s one of the most intensive, grueling, and dedicated sports out there, which means in order to be successful at bodybuilding, you have to devote your life to it. There are a series of changes that need to be made, starting with eating habits, work-out habits, and sleeping habits. It’s a level of commitment that can be hard for many individuals to even consider.

Rooted within this bodybuilding success are common attributes that make for a successful entrepreneur. That’s why one of the most famous bodybuilders of our time, Armand Peri, is also a celebrated businessman, real estate investor, and motivational speaker, with an empire built on the back of someone that seized the American Dream for himself. Starting out with a lack of training in both business and bodybuilding, Peri demonstrated what is possible with dedication, competitiveness, and discipline, opening one of the biggest nightclubs in the world, Hunk-O-Mania, while winning dozens of bodybuilding championships locally, nationally, and internationally during the 1990s.

What is that secret recipe for success that made Peri a successful athlete and entrepreneur simultaneously?

  1. Dedication: At age 5, Peri began to pursue his passion for art. He never gave up. He worked so hard that by 18, he had exhibited his art in many notable museums. With this same mentality, when he was a teenager, Peri decided to get proactive about his physical appearance. In just one-year’s time, he added muscle mass equal to 25% of his entire body weight. Through immense dedication that never waivered, no matter the criticism or doubts, Peri was able to achieve the impossible over and over again.
  • Competition: Creating a competitive lifestyle is critical for success in both business and bodybuilding. Every company owner needs to constantly research new, innovative ways to overcome competitors and stay ahead of the competition. Since bodybuilding is one massive competition played out over and over again, that kind of mindset positions people favorably for any kind of business engagement. Following hundreds of bodybuilding successes, as well as failures, Peri was equipped with this kind of mindset that made him ruthless in business deal-making.
  • Discipline: Lastly, a significant amount of discipline is needed in bodybuilding and business growing. For a bodybuilder to be successful, as Peri has demonstrated, they have to: monitor their diet in a world of fatty foods and alcoholic beverages, ensure they are putting in hours of work every single day, and invest in recovery tools and methods. It’s a discipline that most people can’t imagine. Take that same discipline into the realm of business, which requires time management skills, multi-tasking capabilities, and a work ethic that is 24-7. You will be unstoppable.

With bodybuilding, these three attributes become second nature, launching people like Armand Peri into stardom overnight. If you’re a bodybuilder, or dreaming of becoming one, rest assured that you are already equipped with the skills you need to be a business shark.