Rejection happens often in my line of work. I’m a storyteller — both for media outlets and on stage. I started writing for the masses nearly 20 years ago when I took a job with the student newspaper. After college, I jumped into the world of magazines. I left the magazine to pursue a career as a freelance writer. I covered celebrities, politicians, doctors and everything else I could. I didn’t have a specialty. That’s when I really learned how to pitch a story. And that’s when I really learned how to accept and learn from rejection.

I’ve been rejected more times than I’ve been published. Rejection is hard to move through at first but it is a part of business most of us face daily. Rejection can happen because what we put out into the world wasn’t what an editor or an end user was comfortable with.

We have the choice to respond to rejection one of two ways. We can see rejection as a blessing. Or we can accept rejection as a curse.

During my nearly 20-year career as a writer, I can honestly say I’ve seen rejection from both perspectives. The healthier version is definitely to see rejection as a blessing.

Today, I work with entrepreneurs to help them learn how to soulfully share stories. We address the fear or starting, the fear of sharing and the fear of rejection. I see many inspirational humans more afraid of rejection than the reaction to their own story. We address her fear and made an action plan together.

If you’re too afraid to share your stories because you don’t want to face rejection, follow these steps.

1. Ask yourself what you’re really afraid of and write down what comes to you. Tell a trusted coach in your life what you’re worried about and ask that person to help you address your fear.

2. Get into a supportive groove. Do something super supportive for your overall well being. Meditate/pray/exercise and clear your mind. Remember that the rejection is simply a RE-DIRECT to make your work even better. Give yourself the day and then rework it tomorrow and go back out to your audience and pitch.

3. Focus on your goals. Remind yourself of the journey you’re on by creating a vision board. Cut out pictures of where you see yourself next year and place your vision board near your work station. It’s helpful to create healthy mantras that in alignment with your vision board and remind yourself of your mantra when you face rejection.

Those three steps should help you get your energy moving in the right direction!

My experience as a writer helped me face rejection as an entrepreneur. I’ve launched two businesses. One is a nonprofit. The other is a storytelling business where I teach entrepreneurs how to write soulful stories in online writing courses. My goal in every writing course is to move my inspired leaders through the fear of rejection.

Rejection is frustrating. It’s not a dead end.

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