Mindset Before Mechanics

As a business owner and CEO, I know that most of us think it’s all about strategy. To be honest, about half of it is strategy, but I always say you need to have your mindset right before you take even the first step of action. 

All the strategy and action WITHOUT the mindset and energy to match, won’t get you the outcomes you want in your life or you deserve. I’m going to give you three things you can do to click back into your mindset and day-to-day life, to match the strategy and action you are taking in your business.  

Start Making Short Term Decisions, With Long Term Impact

The way of our world today, is instant gratification, and I hate to say it, but that does not create destiny. You have to push yourself to be making decisions today that are also going to impact you five, ten, twenty years in the future. You need to have the ability to see that with every brushstroke you are making today, is creating your masterpiece. However, that masterpiece is still ten years in the making. Be able to see the bigger picture! 

Having A Daily Visual Focus

You can’t have the vision and not have a plan in place. The same goes for having a plan in place and not having the emotional connection. You have to bring together the visual picture of the end result with the plan and strategy it takes. Having that visual reminder, sitting right in front of you is so important! It allows you to connect emotionally and spiritually with the goals and dreams you set for yourself. It will enable you to SEE THE DESTINY you want for yourself. 

Letting The Dream Grow

Destiny does not happen overnight. You can’t make one significant change in your life or business and expect to see results the next day. We forget that most changes take time, it can take months or even years before we see the fruits of our labor and that’s ok! You have to let the magic work. Let the universe do ‘its thing’ before we decide that that particular strategy doesn’t work. All the goodness and power happens below ground; it’s happening underneath the surface. 

With these mindset tips and shifts, you will be able to take your big dreams and make them your future. Your destiny is right there. You need to take action and put a plan in place to reach those goals. If you want to know more about how your can claim your destiny, check out our podcast episode on Unstoppable Success Radio