These days we see teams of all sizes. Some are large and some are small. Two people can be a team. With all the social distancing due to Covid-19, we may not see teams putting their hands together or sitting next to each other like the couple images above. Whether you are sitting near your teammates or meeting with them via video chat, you can be a Strong team.

So what is it that makes a strong team? How can your organization support their teams?

Putting several people together on a project makes a group, but not a team. One definition of a team is a group of people working together for a common goal. In that definition, there are two things that make a group of people a team vs. just a group. The first is people working together. The second is the common goal.

When people work together, amazing things can happen. Think of the Apollo 13 team that found a way to help the astronauts fix their ship while in space with the strangest combination of items. Had they not worked together, the astronauts would surely have died in space. 

A common goal is certainly something that can unite people causing them to work as a team. Think of the “Miracle on Ice” that occurred back in the 1980 winter Olympics with the U.S. Hockey team. This was a team of individuals from different backgrounds and schools who were put together on a hockey team. They didn’t do well as a team until they all embraced their common goal was to represent the United States in the Olympics. Then they really became a team!

So far we have…

  1. Work together
  2. Have a common goal

And the third thing is to get to know each other. It is important to know each other’s strengths, how you approach something may be radically different than a team member, and that is ok. A personal story of mine occurred several years ago. I was part of a marketing group that interacted with the IT group. Together we all fumbled a bit trying to understand each other. One of the best things we did together, was going offsite for some team-building. It wasn’t the team-building exercises that caused us to come together as a team, but the time we spent together getting to know each other better. Being willing to share life with your team members can make a difference as you each learn about the other. Communicating openly and respectfully with care draws people together in a deeper way.

So here are your three ways to build a strong team…

  1. Work Together
  2. Have a common goal
  3. Get to know each other

There are so many more components to building a strong team but these three will move you forward. Drop me a note or send me an email with your suggestions or if you would like help getting your group to function as a team.

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