By Ashley Stahl, Originally Published in Forbes

If you started up a freelance business at the beginning of the year, hopefully you’ve launched and maybe even accepted your first client. As a business coach for entrepreneurs, I know that this is an exciting time and your first instinct may be to accept the first offer you hear.

Slow down. A study from states that 46% of freelancers said the worst part about freelancing was the lack of a steady paycheck, so you want to make sure you get what you’re worth when you snag a client.

Here are three tips you can take with you on your entrepreneurial journey to make sure you get paid what you deserve.

  • Become indispensable. Make sure you always put your best foot forward with your client so you become their point person. By building a genuine relationship founded on hard work and trust, your client will want to make sure you’re both happy in the relationship to avoid having to find someone new.
  • Price at a flat rate. When I’m hiring writers, I prefer to work with those who charge a flat rate versus an hourly fee, especially during larger projects. This takes the pressure of the worker for having to log hours, and it gives me insight into how much I’ll be spending for my services. It’s a win-win and keeps the aspect of money clean and stress-free.
  • Find a solution to a problem you weren’t tasked to solve. When hiring an independent contractor, an employer can feel like they’ve struck it rich when they find someone who is invested in their company’s success rather than making a quick buck and moving on. If you’re tasked with doing something specific, go the extra mile and see if you can make their life any easier in another way. This small act will definitely put you on their radar when it comes time to contract out work again.

The life of a freelancer can be unpredictable, but it can also be extremely rewarding, especially if you can land some long term, dedicated clients. Keep these tips in mind and soon you’ll find yourself with a full plate and a healthy bank account.

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