February 14th is just around the corner. . . And although Valentine’s day gets a bad wrap as a hallmark holiday—sappy cards, cheap chocolates, etc. — it’s a great reminder to celebrate your relationships with lovers, friends, family and yourself. But what about your business? The relationship entrepreneurs cultivate with their business may be more similar to an intimate relationship than you think. The entrepreneurial journey is rich with excitement, fear, love, trust, doubt, and worry.  Whether you indulge in the V-Day festivities or not this year, take a mindful moment to remember why you fell in love with what you do. 

Here are three ways to reignite the passion in your business : 

1. Absence makes the heart grow fonder— Not only will you appreciate the hard work you put in more when you have some distance from the day to day grind, but taking time away from your business allows you to get those creative juices flowing that you can ultimately bring back to your business. Creativity comes from living life—not staring at a computer screen. Whether it’s carving out your weekends so you can bike, hike, dance, or draw, or taking time out of your morning to connect with yourself first, a little distance goes a long way. 

2. Don’t try to derive your happiness and self esteem from ONE thing — It never works when you make your partner your ENTIRE world, it’s too much pressure on one component. Business is the same. Life is a culmination of experiences that help you learn, grow and create. Just like any relationship, the challenges that arise in your business will test your commitment and faith. It’s inevitable. In those moments, it’s important to realize you have a life beyond the identity you’ve taken on as CEO/ Founder.  Make sure there are other things in life filling your cup so you don’t create a codependent relationship with your work.

3. Shake it up— Just like in intimate relationships, things can go stale if you do the same thing day in and day out in your work routine.  To bring the passion back, you must get creative in the way you engage with your work. Some ideas to shake things up— Every hour put on a song from your “work party playlist” and bust a move, take a break mid day to take a long walk and listen to an inspiring podcast, pop champagne when you hit a new milestone or maybe extend your lunch break and make a delicious meal you have to look forward to! 

Stoke the flames of the fire this year– you and your business deserve it. 

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