Not every job or task is glamorous. Success means many different things to many different people. We as a society often glamorize people for the wrong reasons. In this post, i’m going to break down how I find success and how you can find success in any job.

As the owner of a digital marketing company, I get to work with all sorts of medical professionals.

While I’m not personally the one helping patients, I support those who do. I see the profound impacts our medical professionals have on those in need, and it gives me joy to be able to help those with exceptional talents impact those with exceptional needs.

It brings me profound purpose being able to help people or pointing them in the right direction to someone who can help them.

Now that you know what makes me tick professionally, let’s discuss 3 ways you can find purpose in your work:

1. Be Excellent – No Matter the Job or Task

Being excellent at what you do is an underappreciated trait. Whether you’re a crossing guard or a dentist, you can choose to be excellent or you can choose to be mediocre. Being excellent means that you go the extra mile, you choose to do things most people don’t do. It doesn’t mean you make more money, although that usually is a side-effect of being excellent in what you do.

My recommendation is to make a conscious decision to be excellent in your tasks every moment of every day. In addition, you should be the hardest worker in the room.

2. Leave the Room Better Than You Found It

The second point of finding success and purpose is to leave a room better than you found it. Your attitude is certainly a major component of this one. I for one have had bad attitudes on the job. It takes effort to choose to have a good attitude. Recognizing your attitude and choosing to have a good one, no matter the situation, is the path of successful people.

My recommendation is to get up every morning and decide that you’re going to have a great attitude, and that you’re going to treat people well no matter who or what they’ve done to you.

3. Plan to Give Not Take

My final strategy to finding success in any job is to plan on giving, not receiving. A “Giving over Taking” attitude doesn’t come easy for a lot of us. Look for ways each day to help out your coworkers, your patients, and your clients – without expecting anything back.

My recommendation is to only plan on giving each day. Here’s a quote that I love from Zig Ziglar:

You Can Have Everything In Life You WantIf You Will Just Help Enough Other People Get What They Want.”

Final Thoughts

Your job or daily tasks don’t need to be glamorous for you to find fulfillment and purpose. Helping my clients grow is what gives me purpose and professional success. To find success in your job, no matter what job it is that you do, I urge you to try practicing the big 3: Excellence, attitude, and Giving.

My name is Anthony Bart, I’m the owner of BartX Digital. We help medical professionals grow their practices. Here are some therapist marketing ideas and dental marketing ideas you can use to grow your practice. If you or your practice need any guidance, I’d be more than happy to connect with you!