When you think of self-care, perhaps you think it has to be something big or something you need to spend a lot of time or money on.

Sure, taking a break for a few days, going on holiday or a day at the spa are really lovely ways to practice self-care.

But self-care isn’t just about doing something nice for yourself every now and then.

As one of my fabulous mentors always says. Self-care should be a maintenance strategy, not a coping strategy.

So why not do something nice for yourself every single day that’s going to make you look and feel absolutely fabulous and full of self-confidence as you go about your day?

And one really simple way to do that is with your beauty routine.

Here are 3 ways to do this so it’s fun, enjoyable and most importantly, makes you feel fabulous and full of self-confidence.

Step 1: Your beauty routine should never be just another task on your to-do list!

How do you perceive your beauty routine? Do you think of it as yet another thing you ‘need’ to do every day?

People often tell me they “don’t have time” to apply makeup. And that their skincare routine consists of literally splashing their face with water and slapping some moisturiser onto their face!

I get it, we’re all busy these days and short on time.

But, applying your beauty products is an act of self-love. It’s called skincare for a reason!

And it really does NOT take a long time to apply your makeup or skincare products.

It can literally take just 5 minutes and just a few products to do a gorgeous, professional look that makes your complexion look instantly more bright, refreshed and awake. Which will make you feel more awake and alert too.

No matter how busy you are, you can surely spare just 5 minutes in your schedule that are dedicated solely to you.

Aren’t you worth at least 5 minutes of your day when you give so much of your time to everyone else?

By setting aside those 5 minutes first thing in the morning to do something really lovely for yourself and treating your makeup and skincare routine as an act of self-love, you’re starting off your day in an amazing way.

And you’ll feel the benefits for the entire day.

Image: Chris Eberhart Photography

Step 2: Really enjoy your beauty routine and the process of applying your products

No matter whether you have 5 minutes or 55 minutes, make sure to really enjoy that time that you have to yourself and be really mindful and present in the moment as you go about your beauty routine. Here are a couple of ways to do that.

Don’t always just rush through your beauty routine

Even if you’re short on time, use the 5 minutes it takes to apply your makeup as a self-care ritual. And really enjoy it!

Sometimes those 5 minutes are the ONLY 5 minutes you’ll have to yourself throughout the day. So make the most of it!

For example, when applying your moisturiser in the morning, give your face a little massage instead of just being rough with it. It will only take about 30 seconds. But it will make you feel (and look) so much better.

Do the same in the evening when using your cleanser to remove your makeup.

Your skin will truly thank you for it!

Use products in your routine that you can’t wait to apply on your skin

For example, use a gorgeous body lotion or shower gel that feels luxurious and makes you feel fabulous. They don’t have to be super expensive products (unless you want them to be!). But at least make sure they’re products that make you feel great.

That way, you’ll be so excited to use them in the morning and evening.

Do this for all your skincare and makeup products too.

Use makeup products that you LOVE and know makes you look and feel fabulous and full of self-confidence.

Again, do the same with your makeup removal products. As this is often a process that many people just rush through.

For example, use a gorgeous cleanser and beautiful night cream that makes your skin look and feel amazing. And makes you feel like you’re really treating yourself well.

With this little mindset shift, you’ll be so excited to use your products every day. And you’ll feel like you’re giving yourself a lovely treat every single day.

Step 3: Stop saving your products for a ‘special occasion’!

Are you perhaps doing this and saving your ‘good’ makeup or outfits for a “special occasion”?

I can tell you from experience that if you’re saving your ‘good products’ for a special occasion, that occasion never comes along! Which means you never get the chance to wear those gorgeous products and outfits that make you feel special.

So why not make every day a special occasion?

I often hear women say that they’ve “no one to impress”. And they only make an effort when they’re seeing clients, working in the office or going out to meet people.

But you do have someone to impress – YOU! Why are you saving your best products and outfits for other people only? You’re worth impressing too!

Wear your gorgeous perfume every day or when you’re working from home.

Apply that gorgeous lipstick that makes you look and feel fabulous. Even if you’ve absolutely nowhere to go that day and you’re just staying at home.

It’ll make you feel absolutely fabulous and full of self-confidence.

If you work from home, don’t always just wear your pj’s or sweatpants or whatever clothes you wear for ‘just around the house’. Act like you’re going to an office outside your home.

Wearing your good clothes and makeup products will make you feel so much better and über professional. Which will make you feel full of confidence as you go about your day.

These are small things. But they make such a big difference to how you feel.

Even if you start by simply changing your mindset on how you view your beauty routine, you’ll really start to notice a positive impact on how you feel throughout your day.


  • Noleen Sliney

    Organic Makeup Artist & Cruelty-Free Beauty Ambassador

    Noleen Sliney Makeup

    Noleen is an Organic Makeup Artist, Cruelty-Free Beauty Ambassador and founder of Natural Beauty Society. She helps women over 30 simplify their beauty routine by choosing the right products to enhance their natural beauty and make them feel confident. She also helps them to easily make the switch to natural, organic, cruelty-free beauty products, without sacrificing quality and glamour. Noleen takes a holistic approach and believes a healthy beauty routine also involves a healthy lifestyle and mindset. She does all this through her blog, online workshops and personalised 1-1 lessons, as well as her Natural Beauty Society membership community. Noleen loves to travel and has lived in 5 countries (so far). She speaks English and German, loves animals, has a bit of a tea addiction and loves supporting her home province rugby team. You can find out more about Noleen at www.noleenslineymakeup.com