Everything in life is a combination of the practical and the spiritual. 

It’s a reality that I believe deeply and that has been at the very core of my flourishing business. This is why I believe that during this time of world-wide concern, intertwining practical action with intense spiritual belief is more important than ever.

I’m not a doctor, a scientist, or a medical professional. However, I am someone with a mental health background who knows a lot about thoughts, feelings, emotions, designing your life, creating your world, and manifesting your dreams. I’ve helped thousands of women transform their lives through the power of mindset work.

Implementing and nurturing your mindset is the most impactful thing you can do to transform a situation. The energy by which you do a thing matters just as much, if not more than the action you take. Even in the most compromised times we can manifest abundance in our lives. So, during this challenging scenario we are all in, whether you’re looking to grow a business, stay financially abundant, or just stay healthy, consider these points:

1. Heed the Practical

Now is the time to care about what you do and do so diligently. Care that even though for most of  us reading this, if we got coronavirus, we would be fine. Most of us would survive. Personal survival doesn’t matter as much as the fact that there’s a lot of people in the world who might not. 

Our job is to do our best to do the right thing and to not spread it. The practical action is to wash your hands, think about how our actions affect other people, and to continue to choose to do the right things.

Focus on the practical actions, build up your immune system however you can, but most of all be diligent about caring for yourself and others. 

2. Your Energy Matters 

Let me repeat my point from earlier. The energy by which you do a thing matters just as much, if not more than the thing you do. Meaning from an energetic perspective, I can wash my hands in the energy of fear, or I can wash my hands in the energy of prevention. 

It’s easy to play the victim in a time of uncertainty. One can feels like terrible things are happening to them, or they can choose to feel otherwise. They can choose to do their part to take care of themselves and others the best they can.

Being in the energy of prevention, being in the energy of believing this will pass, being in the energy of believing the world can get to the other side of this with less destruction than some are predicting, this energy is more productive than focusing on doom.

Expecting the best, holding a vision, and creating and manifesting for yourself and for the collective improves your energy. It also improves the energy of those around you.

That doesn’t mean you don’t do the practical thing. That doesn’t mean not washing your hands. It doesn’t mean to be evil to people who are having a very real experience with this, especially in other countries where things have developed in super unfortunate and scary ways. 

It does mean loving each other, doing the right thing, holding the vision of this clearing up and us getting the other side. 

3. Focus on What You CAN Control

During times of uncertainty, people tend to want to make a difference in their life and do things differently. For this reason, focusing on what you can control places your energy in growth not fear. Now is not the time to assume that your work isn’t needed or powerful. 

With everything going on, I’m frequently asked if I’m worried if this is going to hurt my business. My answer is simple, my energy impacts everything around me, including my business. I started my business during the recession, and I’ve grown it consistently ever since, regardless of what’s happening in the world. For this reason, I choose to believe nothing will hurt my business. So, I haven’t changed the daily operations of my company. We’re doing our thing and I find that during uncertain times, people want to take control of their financial future and start businesses. 

Only you know what is right for your business. However, I can tell you it’s important to keep supporting people with your work, as I intend to do with mine.

Now is the time to live in an energy of prevention instead of an energy of fear. Now is the time to live in an energy of love and support over an energy of panic. Hold your vision, decide on an outcome, be spiritual and “woo woo,” but use your brain. Do the practical action, wash your hands, but continue to grow your love and grow your business.