Every day is a gift and every gift is beautiful in its own way. Sometimes the gifts are not directly received or given from one person to another, but they are simply all around us. They wait for us to notice and appreciate them. By doing so, we give ourselves the greatest gift of all — the gift of being present and being open to the wonderful world that surrounds us.

Stop to smell the flowers, both metaphorically and literally. This means keeping your eyes and ears open, honing your senses to pick up on things that we otherwise would not see. It means looking up from our digital screens to spend some time in the physical world. How often do you notice a beautiful flower rather than simply walking past it? Next time, take a moment to stop and admire the beauty that mother nature placed in front of us. Smell the flower and let its gentle scent rise brighten your mood. Look at how the sun’s rays warm the air on a spring day, bringing out rich and vivid colors for our eyes to admire. Take a deep and full breath, filling your lungs, and slowly exhale with a smile. That is being. That is where happiness comes from.

Appreciate the little things. We are often reminded that the little things are the ones that really matter in life, yet we are prone to be distracted by the pursuit of big milestones in our busy lives. Little things, in this case, can also apply to everyday things. The beautiful tree that give us a cool shade on a warm day. The sun, which occasionally shines through the clouds to lift our spirits. A cool sea breeze, whose saltiness and depth reminds us of the vastness of the ocean. A park bench, which gives us the opportunity to relax and unwind in our own thoughts and musings. There are far more “little things” in life than grandiose occurrences. Live in these moments that exist between the big events, and they will define you as much as the larger occasions that we remember.

Channel positivity and let everything else go past. The energy we attract in life is directly proportionate to the energy we emit. If we make a deliberate effort to exude positive thoughts and emotions, we will find ourselves much more fulfilled and content. This also generates more endorphins in our brain and contributes to a great deal of mental clarity, enabling us to better see and appreciate the little things. The next time you walk down the street, do so with a smile on your face. Think of anything that makes you feel happy and content, and even smile at a passerby or two. If anything (or anyone) comes across your path and strikes a negative thought or emotion, simply let it go and continue moving forward. Channeling our energy to the thoughts and experiences that make us happy not only helps us maintain a positive outlook but also directly increases our ability to notice the subtle yet beautiful things that truly matter.

Image courtesy of Unsplash

Take the time to see and appreciate our beautiful world. Every day is full of fragments that we can appreciate and cherish. Wherever they may be, these momentary episodes will bring you joy in its purest form. It requires us to focus a little more on the things in front of us, and away from the convoluted thoughts that preoccupy our minds. Doing so will make us happier, more fulfilled, and energized to take on the day.

Originally published at medium.com