This is the new talk of economists and historians. They are expecting an economic boom after the pandemic is over.

This was the Economist magazine’s May 1 cover on the internet:

Economist magazine

According to them, there will be a boom after the pandemic is over, and we should be expecting:

  • A revolution in the structure of the economy
  • People become more entrepreneurial
  • People spend more
  • A rise in the optimism

Humankind has been through significant challenges throughout history. If history doesn’t lie, we shall conquer this one too and better be proactive to prepare ourselves for the good days ahead of us. Businesses have already been investing in agile technologies and automation, as well as using this time to train and educate their workforce on acquiring new skills that are hard skills such as cybersecurity or human skills such as coaching and remote leadership.

What about you? How do you prepare yourself for the next year when the pandemic is over?

How do you use this time? Do you believe that what you are doing today and how you spend your time will prepare you well for a better future?

What will your post-pandemic life look like? What do you want it to look like?

There are 3 ways you can do to use this time proactively and productively to create your own reality:

1- These times are great for reflecting on what you really want and gain clarity on what is meaningful in your life. Using life challenges as triggers of fresh perspective results in inspiring creativity and significant life transitions.

2- Learning a new skill will ground you well and give you a sense of meaning. What you enjoy the most can become your future career. You don’t have to quit your current job, but instead, invest some time of your time to learn a new profession or a new skill…then keep working on creating momentum gradually. So many Flow Certified Coaches have developed their coaching careers in parallel to their jobs. You don’t have to be either this or this…you can be both. The new world is wide open to those that are possibility thinkers.

3- Researching what the future will look like to gain insight into preparing for the post-pandemic days is a bright idea. Based on your research, you can create a personal strategic plan by asking these coaching questions:
What do I need to stop?
What do I need to continue?
What do I need to start?
What do I need to grow?

We have created these 3 ways at the FLOW Coaching institute to help you with your personal future design. If nothing else, coaching gives us a mind, skills and tools to think strategically and create plans that prepare us for a better future.

Yes, proven with experience, instead of worrying about it, we can use these days wisely to invest in a meaningful future design-a future that motivates us and makes us smile.

If you consider coaching as an area where you wonder if it is worth exploring to invest in, you can find out if it is for you.