For many, it’s been a rough six months coping with lifestyle changes and new routines brought on by the novel COVID-19 pandemic. If you’re looking to switch up your routine and check on your overall wellbeing, fall is great time to do so. We all know how easy it can be to lose motivation when a cozy couch and snacks call your name, but it’s incredibly important to prioritize your mental and physical health as we inch into colder weather.

If fall has you rethinking some of your summer routines, there are a ton of small check-ins and adjustments you can perform to ensure you’re keeping your health and overall wellbeing in check as the seasons change. With a few basic tips, you’ll enjoy your fall season, and find that it’s easy to stay motivated and set good habits before winter! Check out the below to reinvigorate your routine, keep up your mental and physical fitness and ensure you’re in the best headspace as the seasons change.

Get Outside!

Now this one seems obvious, but fall is a wonderful time to get outside and enjoy cooler weather, low humidity and beautiful foliage. Right now, it’s all about finding safe ways to enjoy the outdoors. If you have access to a car, plan a weekend getaway for hiking, biking or camping. If that’s not quite your speed, you can simply explore areas within walking distance of your home.

With that being said, it’s important (and easier than you may think!) to find ways to work additional exercise and outdoor time into everyday activities. Try incorporating daily strolls into your routine and stay active even by starting off small. While many of us are working remotely, if you do commute, consider walking or biking to work – only if it’s safe. Another way to get more fresh air and steps in is to identify ways you can ditch your car and walk instead. For instance, order in from a restaurant that’s walking distance and pick it up by foot instead. If you live in a city, you can knock off two activities in one by running to the grocery store and walking home with food for the week! While these alternatives may take longer than just hopping in your car, it could make you feel better and more productive. Overall, it’s important to be safe and evaluate what would work best for you in the long run.

If you would prefer to stay closer to home, try taking some of your typical workout routines outside. This could mean bringing free weights to your backyard and enjoying the fresh air while you lift, doing morning yoga and stretching on your patio, or meditating on the front steps. This change of scenery could give your typical exercise plan the boost it needs this fall!

Plan for the Season

Whenever you set out for activities or exercise during the fall, remember to layer up. Temperatures vary at this time of year and you want to make sure you are warm enough without being overdressed. Look for thin layers that are still breathable. If needed, adjust the time of your workout or bring the proper gear for shorter days. If you like to run or bike after work, remember that it’ll get dark earlier – reflective gear or lighting will help you be seen by cars and other pedestrians.

Buffs are great cooler weather accessories and can make a perfect mask if you’ll be walking, jogging or biking through areas that might be more populated. You can wear it around your neck and pull it up when needed. Lastly, always remember to tell your significant other, roommates, friends, or family where you are headed and check in along the way, so they know you’re safe.

Smalls Tweaks Could Make a Big Difference

Another way to ensure you’re prioritizing your physical and mental health is staying in check on even the small things. For instance, make sure you’re up to date on doctors’ visits – something many of us may have neglected during the height of the pandemic.

With that, stock up on some of your favorite seasonal products – everything from wellness products to healthy foods and snacks. You’ll be amazed by how these small switches can impact your overall mood and wellbeing.

When in doubt, a bit of cleaning and reorganizing of your home, workspace or yard can help bring you into a new headspace. Forget spring cleaning, take time in the fall to go through old clothes, books, pantry items and more to revamp your space. If you’re feeling particularly daring, you could even tackle a home renovation or decorating project you’ve been putting off. Cleaning and reorganizing are also great ways to be active without leaving your home!

As we face an unprecedented fall season, it’s important to find a healthy outlet to escape the stresses of everyday life. While many of our daily routines have changed and certain activities have been put on pause, it’s still possible to find safe ways to stay active both mentally and physically. Now is the time to explore new and old passions to keep yourself in a good headspace for seasons to come.