Think back on your childhood. The world was always stimulating: you switched classrooms every year, met new people all the time, and absorbed new information every single day.

You graduated from high school, and then you graduated from college. You landed your first full-time job and celebrated the victory! These milestones were exciting because you could never predict where you would end up next.

Fast forward a couple years, and you’re still at that same job. You now realize that you work with the same people every single day. Nothing has changed since you started . . . not your desk, not your position, not your salary.

You feel . . . stuck.

You’re not alone. Although the numbers have slowly decreased, the latest surveys still showed a 49% job dissatisfaction rate amongst Americans.

It’s frustrating to feel uninspired, but this work rut isn’t a sign to switch career paths.

Instead of finding a way out of the office, try to focus on your own attitude and behavior. Take control of where you are, and you’ll start to notice a new appreciation for your position.

1. Shift your mindset.

If you feel stuck at a job you used to love, it’s normally you–not the job–who needs to change. The position you got hired for is probably the exact same one you have now. But if you start to dread the work routine, you’re going to focus on the negatives.

As a species, human beings are wired to address all the negatives in a situation, but this was originally for survival reasons! If you actively shift to a positive mindset, the enjoyable aspects of the job will reemerge, and you’ll be happier where you are.

If you need help kicking off a new mindset, focus on why you wanted this job in the first place. What did you love about it at first? Keep your mind on these reasons every day and you’ll feel more connected to the position again.

2. Ask yourself, “Where can I go deeper?”

When you start to grow bored at work, don’t immediately plan your exit strategy–this won’t solve your problems. Clients have sought me out after quitting a job too soon. They were left with bills to pay and no sense of direction.

Instead, use this time to explore ways you can do more within your current position. Have you thoroughly networked at the office? Do you barely skim memos that would heighten your understanding of the business?

Take advantage of all the resources surrounding you! Go deep or go home.

3. Get inspired.

Sometimes you just need to be reminded why you chose your career path in the first place. Dive back in by connecting with inspirational professionals in your field. Why do they inspire you? Research their backstory, study their success, and make a list of the qualities you admire about them.

The people who inspire you share your goals and interests. They inspire you because they didn’t quit when they felt disengaged. They found their way out of all of their ruts, and so will you.

You got hired for a reason: you were the most qualified candidate. That occasional feeling of disconnect is normal, but if you follow these guidelines, you can bounce back. And remember: the only thing that is truly stuck is your thinking—and you have complete control over changing that.

By Ashley Stahl, Originally Published in Forbes

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