We as a generation seem to be plagued by the busyness syndrome. Isn’t it paradoxical that while we are “doing” so many things, we keep losing focus, are not really able to concentrate well and get distracted at the rate of a mobile notification sound.

One day while walking on a busy road I was so immersed in staring and reading into the phone that I simple lost track of where I was walking and who I was walking into. And in that sudden moment when a car whizzed close by, I came to the realization that I was so not connected with either myself or my physical environment. It really is very easy to get distracted and get lost either in the external chaos around us or the internal chatter.

Here are three very simple yet amazing practices that will ground you and connect you to your body and up level your awareness quotient. These exercises are very effective for everybody from a busy professional to a student, and the best part it is that it is all free.

Yes the good old focus on breath and a couple of deep breathings will bring you back to your bodily awareness. Take a deep breath with the intention of breathing in love and joy and with the exhalation release all that is stagnant and not serving you. A couple of deep breathings with this intention before an important meeting, an interview or an exam will center you and connect you to the moment. I call it my personal quick fix.

An exercise that I find very effective is saying this to myself while doing any task. For example when I am writing and tend to get lost in my thoughts, I bring back my focus and concentration by simply saying “I am aware I am writing.” This can be extended to any activity that you are doing or not doing. I am aware I am sipping my tea. I am aware I am walking in my lawn, I am aware I am lazying and sinking into my couch. Anything and everything, this really simple yet very effective exercise will allow you to live and enjoy your day with enhanced mindfulness.

We are all inhabiting our bodies yet mostly living in our thoughts. Notice and be aware of how you go about the day and you will quickly recognize this. Infact, energy healers say that because of this we tend to fall sick and get unwell. If only we start living more in our body than in our mind we will heal better, live better and feel better. As soon as you start to get lost in the mental narratives and stories, bring yourself to an awareness of your five senses. What are you seeing? Hearing? Touching? Feeling? And tasting? Yes just the aliveness of this will bring your awareness to your body and raise your vibe, conscious and consciousness. This is a most effective manner that allows you to fully feel into your emotions and expose the feeling into awareness. For example if you are feeling angry and you expose your anger to yourself by feeling from where it is arising in your body and how it is rising and enveloping your energy field, how it is showing up for you, how are you looking, what are you hearing or saying; you will loosen its grip on you and will be able to unhook yourself. I do it all the time, feel my emotion, its origin, its trajectory and then allow it to gently let go.

While there are various ways to connect to yourself, these are some of the simple ones that you can do at any time of the day and for anything that is showing up for you. If you start developing this muscle of mindfulness through practice you will soon become a pro.

Originally published at anubhabellani.blogspot.in