It seems like every time something good and affirming takes place in my life and business, there is an inner critic who wants to spoil the party.

For instance, writing and completing this article is positive because it is taking action and sharing something with readers. Yet the inner critic will hound me about how it sounds, who will read it, who will care, or how much others will discount it all very quickly.

All of this is just mindless blah-blah.

Does this happen in your life? I bet it does. Even for those mega-successful men and women, those high achievers who soar through the clouds of abundance with ease, there have been times where the inner critic’s voice wants to tear them down.

Yet they march onward, not letting those words or memories from past failures keep them from succeeding in the moment.

This led me to really look at different ways to quell people’s inner critic. Here are three options to consider:

Take action. Yes, it sounds and reads rather simple. Take action. Do something to move your life or business forward. For instance, make that phone call, send that proposal or email, or write that article for publication. “But it has to be perfect and you KNOW it has to be perfect,” says the inner critic. Look, you and I have the ability to counter the voice. You know what to do … so take action.

Write it out. The inner critic’s words are really harmful. They want to tear you down and keep you from succeeding and prospering. Don’t give it the upper hand! Take out a pen and paper, or pick up your laptop or get on your Mac or PC. Let your critic speak and write out all of the words you are “hearing.” All of the negativity, failure and lack of effort … just write it out. After doing so, then you can take a look at all of this junk and throw it away. If it is on paper, then get that sucker, wad it up and throw it in the garbage can. You also can tear the paper up into small pieces. Once you have done so, then take a look at the scraps. They are just small, like those negative thoughts and words which just fill your mind. Simply small, little pieces of paper … and they really do not amount to a hill of beans.

Develop positive habits. Now, I’m not saying go around and sing “Kumbaya” all of the time. What I am saying, though, is to develop some positive habits in your life. For instance, affirmations have been written about and spoken of for many years. You can make up your own, ones which really have a deep meaning within yourself. Learn about the effects of meditation. Take better care of your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. Just take some steps toward developing positive habits throughout your day and night.

If you are willing to take a risk and silence your inner critic, then the benefits will be worth it. A more fulfilling lifestyle, calmer mind, better relationships and work-life balance can have a chance to reveal themselves slowly, over time, while the critic takes a long holiday.

Give yourself a break and drop your critic’s language. When all else fails, give love a chance.

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