Show Up To Meetings on Time 

This might look like an obvious one, but it is an often overlooked concept. This is more important when there are external customers or business units in attendance.  It reflects poorly on your boss when you arrive late. Lateness also disrupts the flow of a meeting in progress or worse could hold up the meeting if you were the keeper of any of the presentation slide decks.

Corrective Action: 

  • Plan to arrive to a meeting at least 5 minutes before start time and if you’re presenting, arrive at least 10 minutes prior to ensure all your presentation tools are setup and ready to go
  • If you’re going to be late alert the meeting participants including your boss. 

Be Attentive in Meetings 

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Another tip that goes hand in hand with the first one is being present in the meeting. There’s nothing worse than your boss or anyone asking you a question in a meeting and you’re lost because you weren’t paying attention. That’s a career buster.

Corrective Action:  

  • Turn off device notifications to eliminate distractions 
  • Place your cell phone face down on the table.
  • Turn off your device ringer.
  • Put your laptop to sleep if you don’t require this for taking notes
  • On the other hand, close out your emails for the duration of your meeting if you need your laptop

Taking Initiative 

Taking initiative is another tip that seems so simple, but goes a really long way to keeping your boss happy.  Your boss appreciates this even more when it involves you taking an outstanding task or two off their plate. This could be as simple as you responding to an email that you’re both copied on. He/ She would appreciate the fact that it’s one less task to do and they can feel confident that you’re going to handle the email. Most importantly do follow through. A career buster would be you not completing the task.


This is an all-around great move as it not only makes your boss happy, but this move also keeps you on the path to positively growing your career. And it’s a Win-Win for all.


  • Lola Salvador Akinwunmi

    Leadership & Reinvention Strategist

    LolaSal Inc.

    Lola Salvador Akinwunmi is a Writer, Leadership & Reinvention Strategist who specializes in helping professional women design their second act in life. She brings more than two decades of corporate experience to her clients on their journey to uncover the next stage in their lives. As the founder of LolaSal, Inc., Lola elevates professional powerhouse women to their next level. Her award-winning clients have been featured in the Washington Post, Medscape from WebMD, the Canadian Medical Association Journal, and more.  Lola has worked with Fortune 500 and 1000 companies and has been featured in LinkedIn, Thrive Global, Brit +Co, Wealth Advisor, First for Women, Addicted to Success, The Good Men Project, CEOWorld Magazine, and is a contributor for Entrepreneur. When she’s not working, Lola spends time with her two active daughters.