Having spent most of my 20s and the early part of my 30s unknowingly creating massive blocks in my life, from drowning in debt, to feeling exhausted working 75+ hour weeks as a psychotherapist, to dating all the local loser rockstars of Detroit, I had yet to learn that creating real success would have to start with me. I didn’t recognize at the time that the resistance I was continuously encountering in my life was a direct reflection of my own self-worth and what I was energetically asking the Universe for.  

I was asking for barely enough to get by, neglecting my femininity and my faith, and completely unable to see how everything was happening for me not to me. Even though I was doing everything “right” on paper, I was feeling depleted and struggling to keep up with my low vibrational lifestyle. All I wanted was to serve as many people as possible and create a life full of abundance and freedom!  And yet there I was, almost 30, living at home with my parents, serving only as many clients as the office would allow and barely putting a dent in my debt. 

This isn’t me!” My soul screamed. Right then and there, I made the decision that enough was enough- I was worth much more. 

Having always loved the idea of helping others, I decided to become a self-proclaimed Life Coach Extraordinaire and moved across the country in order to pursue my new-found calling.

While it may not be feasible for you to pack your bags and move across the country like I did, it IS possible for you to reassess your relationship with the Divine, with your self-worth, and with your ability to manifest your desires.  I want to share with you the THREE action steps I took throughout my own journey that are sure to take you from blocking your own successes to effortlessly receiving abundance. 

1- Stop settling for good, not great. This is a major piece to recognize and heal if you want to reach the next level in your life.  It is challenging to reach new levels if you are living by old limitations and mindsets. What you allow into your life can and will continue if you do not make the conscious choice to put an end to them.  It takes getting real and honest with where you can do better, much better.  In my case, I was settling in almost every area of my life during my younger years, and it was a harsh reality to face. I was settling for a life in which I worked relentlessly against the clock in exchange for barely enough pennies to make ends meet. I was settling for boys who I had to chase and provide for in order to keep in my life, calling it “love”. I was simply settling for a backseat ride through my own precious days, hitting cruise control on good but not great. If you’re nodding your head “yes” to any of this, I urge you to grab the wheel! Develop the affirmation that you are in fact made for more, it is your Divine right to be more! And it’s true that there is so much power in you.  God has made you, in the exact image you are, to create a massive impact in this world.  You were not created to settle for the bare minimum and live your entire life not feeling fulfilled or happy.  The second you lift up those low-leveled bars you’ve set, your epic life will meet you at your new caliber.

2- Allow yourself to receive.  As women, this tends to be the most challenging block we face- the inability to receive.  Subconscious thoughts like “I don’t deserve to open my dream business” or “I’m not worthy of making great money” are living rent-free within our minds, every second of every day. The worst part about this? We have allowed them to live there and control us.  We’ve allowed those thoughts to make us feel guilty for wanting more (that we’ve already established we deserve).  So why are we allowing our back thoughts to block our ability to receive abundance?  Well, this could go way back to patterns throughout your childhood and hard-wired beliefs that have formed in your brain from previous experiences.  But that doesn’t mean you don’t have the ability to access and change them.  That part is your responsibility!  Take ownership of your life and do the deep inner work to release these limiting beliefs and make yourself available for the loving act of receiving.

3- Ask for miracles.  Up leveling our lives, in any form, can be met with moments where we don’t know what’s coming next because we’ve never operated at such levels before.  Don’t be afraid to ask for guidance and pray for miracles when you are feeling unsure. When you are headed in the right direction, the Universe has a way of affirming your path with loud and clear miracles to assist you in where you’re going.  In the beginning of my journey, and even now, I allow myself to ask for Divine intervention and receive miracles that will enhance my life. 

One 11th hour miracle that was gifted to me early on in my journey was at my first speaking event.  I had finally faced my fear, decided that I was good enough to be the public speaker up on stage, rented out a stunning, luxurious ballroom at a 5-star hotel, started my marketing efforts and ….crickets.  Much to my disbelief, only five women had signed up for my event just weeks leading up to the big launch. Instead of throwing in the towel, like most had encouraged me to do, I asked for guidance, put in the work to tap into resources that were available, and kept the faith, reciting my manifesting mantras over and over throughout the days. The day of my event came and I was informed that we had to start later than anticipated because the parking lot was in overflow!  The room filled that day with 354 amazing women! That miracle alone assured me I was where I needed to be and that I was supported in pursuing my divine gift.

So whether you have a business you want to launch, a relationship you are seeking more answers to, or are thinking about changing careers; today, I challenge you to choose three areas of your life that you want to transform.  Reflect deeply and say over and over again, “I see myself _____.”   Remember, the transformation first begins in the mind. And if you can envision it, then you can live it. 

Cheers to the epic life!