There’s no doubting the effort that goes into completing a task. In due course, though, it tends to dwindle and we see a dip in our energies. What was once pursued with a passionate gusto is done at snail-pace, almost coming to a lazy standstill — a situation you most certainly want to avoid.

What’s missing there? Inspiration! In such situations, seeking some inspiration becomes our savior. When we become inspired by something, we tend to feel a certain degree of passion for it and forge ourselves to fulfill the task, despite the challenges.

To be inspired is an active pursuit. The consistent honing of one’s creativity is the best way to find constant stimuli that can keep you going. While there are many ways to be inspired, here are 3 ways to sustain some inspiration while achieving any goal:

1. Read and Research

There are those who lead by example — follow their lead. Try to find people whose process you can read about. Being curious about the people who have succeeded in life can help you answer questions that you may have and widen the scope of your horizon.


For instance, if an interior designer wants inspiration when picking furniture for a home, he or she would look at the pioneers of particular aesthetic movements for stylistic inspiration. This would provide a basic idea of what could be implemented and how viable it is as well.

2. Network

Talk to the right kinds of people. Apart from reading, going out into the real world to interact, engage and exchange ideas keeps the mind in healthy stimulus. Networking with people who are creative and enterprising allows inspiration to flow in heaps. When ideas mingle, it makes the creation of new concepts way easier!


3. Take a Break

You deserve it! Long hours of work can be overwhelming. When you’re rigorously working towards a deadline and need to keep the juices flowing, take a breather regularly. Give yourself 15 minutes to engage in an unrelated activity. Listen to music, read, get up and pull in a few good stretches, take a power nap — there is no dearth of what you can do to ease the stress. You come back refreshed with the ability to review your progress.


Consistently staying inspired automatically results in increased motivation. It’s a powerful feeling and propels us to our optimum. Take the ConsciousLeap to find your inspiration! Make You Happen!

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