We are all born with a powerful connection to our highest self.

Our highest self is the part of us that helps us make choices, and take actions that are most aligned with our highest potential and who we really are.

This connection is our intuition. When we ignore our intuition, we make decisions that lead to pain, sickness and suffering. When we follow our intuition, we feel connected to the greater good, feel more joy, and live from a place of ease.

As children we are easily able to connect with our intuition. Every single one of us has this ability. It is not reserved for psychics, mediums or mystics, it is simply a way of knowing. Unfortunately, we learn to distrust our intuition and our unique truth as we grow into adults in the modern world. Intuition is not a valued way of knowing in our culture today.

The good news is that you can learn to reconnect with your intuition, and to trust it again. And when you do, you will begin to live with more ease, make authentic decisions more easily, and navigate change in a way that is most aligned with your greatest potential.

Our intuition most often speaks to us in 3 ways:

  1. Through our body and/or senses. For example, we get a gut instinct or butterflies in our stomach, we feel goosebumps, we hear a noise like a siren or a bell, we see a vision or a clear picture.

  2. Through our dreams. We experience a precognition or a symbolic message while we sleep.

  3. Through our “irrational” thoughts. Seemingly random, recurring thoughts or impulses that we tell ourselves are “crazy,” such as a pull to speak to someone, move somewhere, take a class, or change careers.

How does your intuition uniquely show up for you? When it does show up, how do you convince yourself to ignore it or listen to it? What do you say to yourself?

If you are unsure about how your intuition shows up, commit to simply noticing if it shows up this month in your body, through a dream, or a thought.

This article was originally published in tut.com