There are a lot of extremely intelligent people out there, but they simply don’t advertise the fact that they are smart. You can call it modesty or plain old good manners, but these people tend to look and sound quite average, until they surprise you with a gem of wisdom.

Some scientists more comprehensive research to understand how some factors including appearance and behavior can influence a person’s intellectual abilities. And it turns out that your height, weight, finger length and even eye color can show the level of intelligence people. Therefore, we want to share with you 3 weird signs to tell if someone is smart.

Weird signs to tell if someone is smart:

1. Often feel anxiety and are inclined to panic

Psychologists, Tsachi Ein-Dor and Organ-Tal from the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya (Israel), conducted a study in which they proved that smart people are more prone to pessimism as they come up with various unpleasant situations that can happen to them in their heads. They argue that intellectuals get used to analyzing the events of the past and accordingly, pay more attention to the possible events in the future.

On the one hand, intelligent people are better prepared for possible difficulties in life while on the other hand, they’re forced to live with constant stress. Do you remember Clever Elsie from the Grimm Brothers’ Fairy Tale? It was not easy for her to live with such advanced intelligence!

2. Has a ring finger longer than the index finger

A Norwegian physician, Karl Pinsk, described the method of determining the inclinations of a person based on the ratio of the length of his fingers. According to the observation, the longer the ring finger is, the better the owner can deal with math problems, however, verbal assignments can be a challenge.

Researcher, John Coates of Cambridge University, found out that a person’s success in the financial world can be predicted by the length of his fingers. It turned out that people whose ring fingers were longer than their index fingers had a higher income.

3. Have eyes that tend to be bluer

Joanna Rowe, a professor at the University of Louisville, claims that blue-eyed people tend to have a higher IQ level in comparison to people with darker eyes. Many genius people like Stephen Hawking for example, had blue eyes. However, brown-eyed people shouldn’t worry too much, they have their strengths as well.

People with light-colored eyes can handle difficult situations by taking their time concentrating and making a rational decision, while dark-eyed people show great results when fast reaction time is needed. Read More.