So often we see social media posts that say,“Are you on track with your goals for the week?” If you know that you are not hitting your goals, you may feel intimidated because you may not have hit it yet, so this question may pose some resistance in your life.

Others that things are really cooking up in your life. Instead, I want you to look at clarity in a new way. Here are 3 winning tactics to creating clarity. 

  1. Know that you are much healthier in your imagination than your observation

When you imagine, you can make it just the way you want it to be. This makes you a dreamer and small minded people won’t get this because they look at the conditions in which they are. But as a dreamer, you can make it the way you want it to be. You create your reality. I was once told that “your reality trumps mindset”. WRONG! You do not have to face reality, but you do create your reality. Don’t look at what is because you will only regurgitate it, but look at what is and become a better version of it! 

But what about setting goals? You automatically set goals when you start to decipher more of what you do and do not want in your life. You will start to align with your goals when this happens. You have to think of your goals and focus on the glory.

  1. Become aware of the energy you put out there.

The secret to feeling worthy and getting more clarity in your life is focusing on how you feel. When was the last time something happened to you and you had a knee-jerk reaction to it? When we react to things that happen to us in a way that doesn’t align with good, we are susceptible to more bad things happening. You have to care more about how you feel and work your thoughts around finding relief around these thoughts that don’t feel good. This will allow you to systematically replace those thoughts with ones that feel better. This was hard for me at first because I was so accustomed to responding to whatever. I would have a knee-jerk response to it, but later on I figured that the knee-jerk response was just my initial response to what the other person was offering. When I recognized that this didn’t match who I was, I felt discord. But then I became aware that I didn’t need them to understand me or my needs or wants or agree with them, in order for me to feel better. That acknowledgement became my first and true recognition of my power and my freedom. When I discovered that I no longer needed one other person on the planet to be different in order for me to feel better, I found instant freedom and the ability to love them anyway. This helps you to close the gap between who you are internally and externally. 

  1. Look for things that feel good

When you look out into this world there are so many things going good than wrong. So often we tune ourlselves to the things that are going wrong in our life than the things that are going good. I am aware that there is the media that portrays the bad things that are happening and we can choose to tune into it. I discovered that through caring about how I feel and becoming congruent to good, that I started to attract people who believed the same. This very article is attracting you to me. No I do not have the RIGHT answers nor do I want you to copy me. I just want to teach through the clarity of my experience that we are all creators of our experiences. You get to choose everything that comes to you. I will never assume that I am better than you because I have not lived through your journey. I just come forth to express the example that we all can conform to the well being of our choice. 

I hope that this conversation will change your perspective on clarity. When you choose something that feels awful to you, you will continue to stay in confusion. Staying in this state of mind will only shorten your life span. The more you focus on the those things that feel good to you, the more years you can add to your life. Say it with me “ I am on track with my goals, because I care about and focus on how I feel!” 

Tequila is a Certified Life Coach and strategic business planner based in Columbus, Ohio. A former registered dental hygienist, she teaches early stage, female entrepreneurs foundational strategies to help them build their business and she also understands internal motivatiors and taking aligned actions. .You can sign up for Tequila’s weekly inspirational newsletters at her website