Out of more than 3,500 women we polled in our InHerSight network, 57 percent are seriously considering a career change, and another 32 percent are potentially considering a career change…meaning only 11 percent are content with their job. This statistic is especially distressing for us here at InHerSight, because it’s our mission to help women love their work and feel appreciated for who they are.

Reading through the responses of why women want to leave their jobs was very eye-opening — many women experience the same feelings of underappreciation, social isolation, uninspiring work, and lack of opportunities to grow.

In their own words, here are the top reasons why women want to leave their jobs:

1. “I don’t like that I’m stuck in one spot all day with no social interaction. I’m a social person! I also don’t like the flip flop aspect of my workplace…I never know when or how late I’m working.”

2. “I would like a more flexible schedule so that I can make my children’s sports events.”

3. “I want more authority to make decisions without being micromanaged. I want a team who equally helps out where help is needed.”

4. “I prefer to be 50% at the desk and 50% out and about. I want to do something I love.”

5. “My salary doesn’t match the huge workload and responsibility, and managers can at times speak down to employees. I want a career with more empowerment and learning opportunities.”

6. “There’s a major issue with work life balance in this position and it’s hurting my mental health. I feel like I can never get away and separate work and life.”

7. “I want to use the gifts I have naturally. I’d like to write, work on projects, and create a body of work. I’d like to showcase creativity.”

8. “I want a career that allows me to give back to a community through guidance, where I am not always behind a desk but am able to do service projects.”

9. “It seems like I’m basically living at work and the salary does not reflect this. I want a career that I can come home at a reasonable time and still have energy to do other stuff like spend time with friends, go out to dinner or go to the gym. My current job is taking all my time.”

10. “I have been at my current position for 5 years and even after proving myself in multiple areas, I am not being promoted.”

11. “I don’t feel like I’m able to apply my skills and strengths where they can be optimized. I want to do something in proud of.”

12. “I don’t like the current upper management. I am willing and eager to learn something completely new.”

13. “I feel like I’ve lost track of what I’m interested in because it has been a very long time since I’ve been able to work somewhere I truly enjoyed.”

14. “I want to be my own boss and be appreciated. I’m tired of being chained to a desk, I want to take my work with me wherever I go.”

15. “I don’t like that the only way to survive being a woman in this company is to be absolutely heartless and cutthroat.”

16. “People don’t work as a team. People don’t do their work which makes it hard to do mine. I’m an Independent, self starter, and I work better alone to accomplish team goals.”

17. “I don’t like the crazy schedule, it’s starting to mess with my health. Working nights, switching to days, then back to nights all in the same week is hard on the body and mind.”

18. “My job requires me to review people’s complaints and most of the time that is mentally draining. There really isn’t any interaction with other coworkers because you’re so busy.”

19. “I want to start a new life in a new city.”

20. “It is very boring, repetitive work. Cold calls all day long. I really have more to offer than just making cold sales calls. I feel like I am not at my full potential.”

21. “I want to work for a company where favoritism isn’t such a large part of the culture…Where leadership doesn’t pick sides…Where promotions are based on your job description and not who your friends are.”

22. “I don’t like the lack of acknowledgment towards hard work and labor. I am excited to find a career that I am actually excited to go to everyday.”

23. “I need challenge in my career. I love learning, developing new skills and constantly looking for improvement in what I have already achieved. I don’t feel like I am reaching my potential yet, and I would like the opportunity to try in an encouraging environment.”

24. “I want a career that focuses and helps me be a single mother. Something I can do from home, or provides child care. Something that understands my 2 year old is very important first and foremost.”

25. “I’d like a more fast-paced career with unexpected challenges that get you away from your desk.”

26. “I don’t like being in a male-dominated office in a male-dominated field.”

27. “I was unsatisfied with the burdensome and unreasonable workload for one person. I want to work in a reasonable work environment with supportive people. I’d also like to have some remote work days to save on commute costs if at all possible.”

28. “I do not enjoy being in front of a computer for 9+ hours a day.”

29. “I don’t like having to pick up the slack for other coworkers, and I don’t like being paid the same amount as someone who works much less than I do.”

30. “I’m unhappy with the lack of women at this company, and for the few of us who do work here, there’s not a ton of communication or support. Additionally, I have a personal agenda to focus on developing women-oriented business opportunities for our company, and often I am met with skepticism and doubt about the potential of my ideas, despite their inherent monetary value.”

And last but certainly not least, one response that sums it all up perfectly…

31. “I have never found being stuck at a desk with a rigid schedule and creative restrictions allows me to do my best work. I would love to do work that requires me to combine my expertise in different areas, use both my creativity and technical skills, and develop my knowledge and talents in new ways! I would flourish in a workplace where I have creative freedom to solve problems and generate great ideas, and where my ideas or expertise are welcomed; where I feel my health and well-being are valued; where I am allowed to be myself and the quality of my work matters more than matching an office-worker archetype (should hair color matter if I’m fantastic at my job?!). I want to work in a place that fosters diversity, equality, flexibility, communication, and collaboration between all staff; where I feel enabled to do my best and not stifled; and where it is acknowledged that finding joy in your work is important, and leads to awesome results.”

By Cara Hutto

Born and raised a Tar Heel, Cara is a culinary aficionado and zealous writer consumed by wanderlust. She’s passionate about women’s issues and interviewing inspirational women in her community.

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