When you think of success, what comes to mind?

Money? Flashy suits? Private jets? Expensive cars? Penthouse suites?

That’s so old paradigm, bro.

For the last few decades (and way longer in some cultures), success has been almost entirely associated with money.

Of course, monetary success is an aspect of success, but it’s far from total success.

The core definition of success is, “the favorable or prosperous termination of attempts or endeavors; the accomplishment of one’s goals.”

That can literally apply to ANYTHING. And it should be.

So in the spirit of rendering old paradigms irrelevant, I’ve made a list of 33 new ways to measure success.

Note: Don’t cling to measurability in terms of amounts or statistics. Many of these are measurable in the simple sense that you can “check them off” as they occur in your life.

  1. How much you laugh every day
  2. Free time
  3. Location independence
  4. Earning a living through helping people
  5. Enjoying the little things in life
  6. Making someone’s day
  7. Having the capacity to give
  8. The ability to choose what you do in a day
  9. Leaving your comfort zone
  10. Choosing love over fear
  11. Deepening a connection with someone
  12. Meditating
  13. Creating something (anything)
  14. Expressing yourself in any way
  15. Getting an idea
  16. Truly tasting food with full awareness
  17. Using your body in a new way and noticing how vibrant it feels
  18. The ability to travel
  19. Richness and diversity of experiences
  20. Perception expansion
  21. Every time you leave your comfort zone
  22. Whenever you create an interesting story
  23. Connecting with nature
  24. Being completely authentic in an interaction with someone
  25. Having the courage to be vulnerable
  26. Admitting when you’re wrong
  27. Trying something new and succeeding
  28. Trying something new and failing
  29. Learning from a mistake
  30. Reconnecting with an old friend
  31. Making a new friend
  32. Finding likeminded people
  33. Being fully in the present moment

Every time I check off one of these items, it’s a success.

But there’s a bit of a paradox…

Constantly chasing success is a trap. Your self-worth is not attached to anything you do. You’re worthy no matter what.

This is why the last, and most important, measure of success is BEING FULLY IN THE PRESENT MOMENT.

If you ever find yourself fully in the moment – not lost in thoughts about the past or future – that’s success!

Yeah, it’s fun to do cool things and experience all that life has to offer. But if you lack the ability to JUST BE, you’re always going to be chasing the illusory pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Remember, success can be found in the simple things.

Now you have some specific ideas to help you reevaluate how you measure success.

We all deserve to be able to create the best versions of ourselves and make the most out of life.

Do you have any other ways to measure success? Drop a comment below.

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Much love.

– Stephen Parato

Originally published at www.feelingoodfeelingreat.com