I have always been tough. My dad used to say I was street smart and that out of all his 6 children, I was the only one he didn’t worry about. Now I am not sure if that is true, but when I was young it sounded like, “You are the queen of the world” when it came out of my dad’s mouth. He also said I had more balls than anyone he had ever met. This was one of the sweetest things he ever said to me because of the loving way he said it; with a gleam in his eye, as his big strong hand smacked my forehead, then brushed back across my hair. From this affirmation, I had always likened myself to a badass. I got this toughness in my childhood. It was a coping skill to deal with what was going down. Although I’m no longer the fist fighter I was in 3rd grade, I still use that toughness from time to time.

When I met my husband in 1996, I was still flexing my muscles. After a few months of dating, getting drunk, and picking fights, my husband said, “What are you doing?” I replied, “I don’t know.” He suggested therapy and we went. After the first session, the therapist asked if could come back by myself. Although I was pissed, I did. I went for two years. I had to double up the first six months because I couldn’t stop crying. The therapist said I had 30 years of crying to get through. 

After the two years, the childhood armor I carried had mostly melted away.  I discovered that I wasn’t quite as tough as I had thought. I spent so much time playing a part when I was a kid, I was kind of shock to find out who I really was; a kind, sensitive, creative, and compassionate woman. Wow! Who knew? I even shed my childhood story of being a tomboy and not into fashion and started wearing glitter and a tutu.

Although I had softened, I still had a hard time with things that were too sappy, cutesy, or cheesy. For me to get on board with a project, it had to have a bite, humor, or some depth to it. I used to call myself Flawed & Fabulous. I like sweet and spicy. Naughty and nice. Strong and sensitive. I have never been one to pussy foot around or do what I was told to do. But the more I softened and quieted my mind, the more I could hear the whispers of my soul. They were so beautiful, affirming, and like the rest of my life, ballsy, in a new way.

As I continued to seek, heal, and grow, I was pulled into the world of spirituality. I went to the University of Santa Monica to learn what my purpose is and why I’m on the planet. I proudly earned my Masters in Spiritual Psychology, and now understand my truth; I am a brilliant, bright light, temporarily housed in my earthsuit, and I am here to shine that light. (It’s kind of the same for all of us FYI).

As I moved deeper into my spiritual path, I wondered what my role in the spiritual world would be. Deepak Chopra is full of wisdom, but he also channels and spews out information that is so evolved the average person seeking can’t really hear it. Marianne Williamson is a dynamo who can rattle off the entire book of A Course In Miracles almost as if she were Moses and The Course is a modern-day Bible of sorts. Where do I fit in? Who am I in this world? I like to drink martinis. I like to drop “f” bombs and do the splits whenever or wherever I feel moved. How can a cussing martini drinker fit into the spiritual world? Do I have to change? Do I have to become more spiritual? Do I have to meditate myself into a monotone whispering spiritual guru?

Hell No! I have to show up just as I Am. All of who I am. Without an apology, but rather in gratitude that I have my own voice, my own perspective. I realize now how there can be so many brilliant artist, doctors, speakers, mothers, poets, and dancers; because they are doing what they are here to do. Doing it uniquely their way. I must use my wisdom, my perspective and show up JUST as I am. All of me. Flawed & Fabulous, drinking martinis and practicing Mindfulness. Just as God created me to be in this moment. A badass. A Spiritual Badass!

Let me use my spunk, my candor, my relatability, my heart, my humor, my splits, my fumbles, my successes, my humbleness, my wisdom, my expertise, my roughness, ALL OF ME, to spread love on this planet like no one has before.

My morning prayer each day is: My Lord My God, use me today to be of service, allow me to be the woman you created me to be and let this all be done on the foundation of Love.

So, my friend, being a Spiritual Badass is strong, gentle, ballsy, compassionate, helpful, renegade, soulful, and powerful. It is knowing who you are and why you are here. Damn it feels good to know those two things.

Below is a list of 33 signs to know if you are a Spiritual Badass. If you can’t check all of them off the list, pick one and try it. Let’s be done apologizing for who we are, and instead set out as a renegade of love because of who you are. We have the power of 1000 stars.

33 Signs You Are A Spiritual Badass:

1. You know your worth and have a blast sharing it.

2. You live with an open mind and heart, especially with those who think differently than you.

3. You know there is no one on the planet, never has been, and never will be exactly, like you. You take that seriously.

4. PPP You have a positive people posse.

5. You are an Earth Angel. Fulfilling your purpose and making a difference.

6. When you want to point a finger at someone else in blame, you turn that finger back to your heart and get to work.

7. You practice Ownersh*t. Owning your sh*t to a happy life.

8. You believe heaven on Earth is to FYG & GYG (find your gift & give your gift)

9. You embrace your humanness. You don’t shrink when you make a mistake, you celebrate and learn from it.

10. When you mind says, “You suck”, you laugh and say, “I have the power of 1000 stars.”

11. You say “yes” to things that scare you and say “no” to things that are draining and toxic.

12. You speak your mind on the foundation of love

13. You are Flawed & Fabulous. Flawed = Humanness

Fabulous = Soul

14. You often live outside of your comfort zone where the magic happens.

15. You have a spiritual practice and jump right back in when you fall off the wagon.

16. You know that the words you put behind I AM becomes your reality, so you often find yourself announcing “I am in shape.” “I am living in abundance.” “I am powerful.”

17. You know you are never alone, even when your ego shouts it from your mountain top.

18. You know you are here to shine your light; to bring light into the places that need it.

19. You choose to make your mind your ally because you know your mind creates your reality.

20. You are open to sharing your truth, your learnings, and your heart to whomever may need it.

21. You are aware all interactions are purposeful and sacred. You allow yourself really to see each person that crosses your path.

22. You are committed to being all in the present moment. The only place where life is happening. You are Mindful.

23. You are unapologetically you and may occasionally say, “You’re welcome” instead of “I’m sorry.”

24. You experience stillness each day, so you can connect with your true Self.

25. When you look into another’s eyes, you see their true Self.

26. You forgive like it’s ground hog day and you start fresh.

27. You are in gratitude every day, especially when things suck.

28. You live your life with Compassion & Balls

29. You know we are all Connected and when you forget this you suffer.

30. You move from wanting to doing.

31. You use your power to spread love.

32. You share the compliment you are thinking of another, especially when it’s a stranger.

33. You know everyone is wearing a t-shirt that says, “I need to feel important” (a shout out to my mom, Janice, in heaven for that one).

Regardless of how many you checked, you are a BADASS just because you are here.❤️

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