Embrace generational difference with open-mindedness.

It is without a doubt that we as men get complacent with our journey and catch ourselves merely existing within what we know or choose to know. We are in a prime position to learn from those who came before us and now we have the honor to take our well-being to a higher level if we learn, collaborate, and facilitate massive change from those who came after us. Open the mind to extraordinary possibilities for your future, with those you love, and with those who will eventually cross your path.

Be coachable and love it.

If you authentically want to take new shape and step into your full potential, it is imperative that you are coachable both on a personal and professional plane. Much like the world-class thinkers and pioneers of our time, absorb the very principles that led them to greater heights. We must seek mentorship, develop a progressive mindset, and embrace critical feedback.

Engage others in deeper and more productive conversations.

One of the greatest actions the 40 something male can do is finding those who inspire and engage on a deeper and more productive level. Creating conversations that foster growth can be profound. This second half will be the best if you let it come to fruition. Your mindset is the foundation for what you think and how your journey will take shape.

Live in good health and chart a new path with personal wellness.

As a two-time survivor of cancer, stroke, and cardiac arrest beginning in 2011 at the age of 41, life changed in a split-second. We as 40 somethings MUST engage in preventive health and personal wellness activities including daily fitness, quality nutrition habits, and positive psychology. A hot tip would be to consult with professionals and ask questions. If you do this, you are but one step from extraordinary!