Stress is part of our lives whether we like it or not. In fact, it does not occur only as a result of overworking; house responsibilities, financial situations, and even relationships can cause stress, and as long as you breathe, there are no known ways to avoid all the factors that cause stress.

Stress could be very detrimental to both our mental and physical health if left to prevail, which is why we must tackle it head-on and every day.

But it is almost impossible to get the time to go to the spa or beach every single day to lay off some of those toxic feelings that have been piled up, probably because of work or some other engagements.

So what then is the alternative to managing stress?

Here are 4 stress relieving activities you could easily engage in over the weekend or at any spare time at home:

1. Exercising

Whether it is in exercising your mind (meditation), yoga or conventional exercises, exercising regularly is the best way to relieve any form of stress.

And the good news is that you do not require a trainer to guide you through anything. Even if you are out of shape, there are still various forms of exercises that would still aid you in relieving stress.

Do you ever wonder why experts recommend exercise as one of the first things to do every day? It jump starts your senses and gives you a boost of confidence to start up the day. Overall it improves your mood, so at whenever time of the day you choose to exercise, you tend to feel more relaxed afterward.

2. Spray Painting

Spray painting objects such as furniture around the house is one activity that does wonders when it comes to de-stressing, just as artistic painting does. But unlike the latter, you do not require any artistic skill to spray stuff. All you need do is get from some of the best small air compressors, a spray gun, and coatings, and you are set.

For one, there are a lot of objects lying around the house that requires painting, so you have a good excuse to take your mind off things that bear on you. You would be surprised at how much ‘painting your feelings’ could relieve you of stress.

Also this way you get to save some money that would otherwise have been spent for maintenance and so it’s a win-win for you.

3. Writing

I’m sure you must know that a lot of the most amazing songs, poems and even books were written out of emotions and the good number of the writers must have felt better afterward.

Even studies have shown that writing might help to overcome emotionally inhibitions.

The way I see it, there are two major things you could do with a pen when you are feeling stressed out. You could spend all day gnawing at it or express your feelings on paper, and the latter works best every time.

Spend a couple of minutes writing out your feelings of love, frustration and even regret, and you will be better for it.

4. Nap

A friend once told me that younger children are less stressed out than older persons because they sleep more, and he probably isn’t far from the truth. Some grownups even think that napping for a lot of hours including during the day, is a sign of weakness, but research shows that your brain needs more nap time to be more active and creative.

Taking a good nap when you have the time to would surely reduce the number of stress hormones in your body and give you a laser focus for the day ahead.