What you do first thing in the morning can dictate the quality of the rest of your day. While we hope you’re not sleeping with your phone in your bedroom, we know you’ll pick it up at some point after you’ve woken up, so here are five apps that can help you get off to a great start each day.

Morning Routine: Try creating a list of morning activities with Morning Routine, which allows you to put together a list of tasks along with the length of time you want to spend on each of them. This can include everything from meditation to sending an important email. According to productivity researcher Edwin Locke of the University of Maryland, goals focus your attention and keep you on task.

Day One: Day One is a journaling app with seamless integration between your phone and computer. Use it in the morning to help reflect on the day ahead, make a to-do list, and remind yourself of personal priorities.

Duolingo: Interested in adding something different to your morning? Try spending a few minutes learning a new language on Duolingo. Not only will you be better prepared for your next business trip abroad, you’ll also arrive at the office having warmed up your brain. Research shows that studying a language nurtures creativity and memory. Not a bad way to start the day.

Morning: Morning gives you the information you deem essential for starting your day. With an extremely simple design and clean layout, Morning allows you to get all the information you need on the day’s weather, news, and your schedule, based on your customized preferences.