Think about the most successful people around you; and those who know what they are aiming at. These people are no different from you. They also face sad events, feel the fear of losing something and have their insecurities. People who convey messages about overcoming our fears do so with good intentions, but have they ever thought about how fear can be used as a motivational fuel in your life?

Fear is part of the human experience. We have some inbuilt fear in us. The question is how we can make sure that our fears do not prevent us from succeeding?

Here are the 4 best ways to use fear as motivation fuel.

Concentrate on what you can influence

When fears slip in, do not give in to them. Concentrate on what you can control. I see all the time leaders who focus on areas where they have immediacy, not where they have influence. They are distracted by the urgency when they have to focus on their power to change things for themselves and their organizations. Focus your efforts on the tasks and thoughts that will produce positive results.

Focus on the future.

We all make mistakes. I know I do it. My life is full of it. But the difference between someone who is trapped by his mistakes and someone who overcomes them is their ability to focus on the future. That’s what happened yesterday or even last year or 10 years ago. Forgive this person who has wronged you so that you may be free. It’s not about who’s right or wrong. It’s about releasing your luggage so you can move forward. You now have the opportunity to create new successes using the lessons you learned from these mistakes.

Think like great people

The legendary runner Mario Andretti has the most inspiring way to explain a simple logic. He said. If everything seems under control, you will not go fast enough. That means you have to experiment; no business can prosper if it can manage the storm. You need the power to resist a storm. Any successful entrepreneur and his business is the only driving force of the economy. So, any motivated person determined to achieve his goals, is the economic engine of a country, and then let your fear interfere seems good? Do not! Stop the throbbing voice in your head, to prevent you from realizing greatness. All start-up companies, like Microsoft, Facebook and Google, if we run out of energy and let their fears get behind the wheel, have you done it? No, so be the next big shot of your time.

Make your comfort zone uncomfortable

The idea is simple when a seed grows in a poor environment; it has adaptation benefits. They left their comfort zone and managed to do more. Secure bars to achieve your goals. There is no time to relax; you have to charge your motivation fuel. Imagine, watching movies every day or working daily on your skills in public speaking, which one do you prefer? Any reasonable person would binge because it’s more comfortable.

No one likes to step out of their comfort zone to make an extra effort. Well, to succeed, you need to develop habits that will help your personal growth, such as public speaking, writing a blog, and more. Make your own time, bet your friends and family, be innovative to push yourself to your limits. All this will help you get out of your comfort zone because it is no longer comfortable.