Last week, I saw an interview with a woman who was quarantined due to contracting the Coronavirus.

When asked by the reporter how she continued to keep such a cheery disposition, she replied, “We all have a choice to make during these difficult times.  This is mine.”

My hat’s off to that courageous young lady.  I heartily agree.  We all do have a choice to make as to the type of human being we want to be amid this pandemic. 

I, personally, have chosen to be the type of person who gives her neighbor a bottle of hand sanitizer when there is none or offers another her spare vehicle when hers was stolen while removing groceries from it midstream.  Who does such a thing to a struggling mom caring for her children, especially during a crisis?

I’m hearing plenty of wonderful stories about people across our nation taking up for each other while weathering this storm.  I have also heard some less than admirable ones.  As I sit pondering the differences between the two, I can’t help but recall four classic songs that seem to encapsulate all of the personalities impacted by the Coronavirus.  Allow me to share:

“GET TOGETHER” (The Youngbloods) –  These are the people who are trying to remember and convince everyone else across our nation too that “humanity” comes first.  They are the soothing voices who remind us not to panic and rational thinkers who take the position that “we will get through this together sooner or later.”

“EYE OF THE TIGER” (Survivor) –  These are the aggressive fighters, the leaders, and the decision-makers (large and small) who feel responsible for dragging everyone else to safety, whether or not these “others” want to go.  These personalities will die trying to save the rest.  “Go down without a fight” isn’t part of their vocabulary.  

“WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE” (Guns-n-Roses) –  These are the mercenaries, who will take advantage of the dour situation and everyone in it.  (Remember back to the mother and her stolen vehicle.  “That’s” that guy).  Greed and self-preservation are at the heart of their thinking.  No doubt, many who made (make) this pandemic worse than it had (has) to be fall into this category.

“THE FINAL COUNTDOWN” (Europe) –   Everyone else who is feeling the heat, holding on for their lives, doing what they can, waiting, watching, and praying.  Some are making the most of their quarantines, social distancing, and lock downs.  Others, not so much.  All, however, are now remembering just how precious life actually is and hoping to return to it soon in a more normal sorta way.  

So which one are you?  Be honest.  Maybe you are a combination of a few.  Me?  I choose to be the first two combined.  As that woman noted above reminded us, “Who we choose to be during these challenging times is wholly up to us.”  

I think it is important we keep this in mind as the days amid this pandemic grow longer and our patience, shorter.  It is tough when you feel yourself slipping off the ledge to pull yourself back up.  For all our sakes though – and the health and welfare of our nation (if not the world) – you need to.  We are currently too vulnerable for any other alternative and the ripple effect is far too great.  

Choose wisely, especially when confronting down moments.  Worst case scenario, listen to the classic songs above to help remind you who you are and who you don’t want to be or become. 

Share this post with your friends, family and social media fans to help them do the same.  They will thank you for the reminder as well as the great classic rock.