Without mindfulness there is no abundance.

Mindfulness is a hot word right now, it is almost as hot as veganism. People reach out to me to help them transition into being vegan, but they don’t exactly know why they want to transition, they just know everyone else is doing it. Mindfulness is very similar. When conversations about mindfulness come up, all I see is confused faces with wide eyes trying to understand why it is important. So, why is it important?

As my first sentence states, “without mindfulness there is no abundance”, this is why mindfulness is so important. Do you want love, money, friends, a passion-driven career? Well, how the he** are you supposed to achieve all of that if you still deep down believe those things aren’t achivable?

That was me. I was raised in a scarcity-driven house; I was convinced I couldn’t have it all. Then I entered a mindfulness journey in which I went from being a victim to being a warrior who loves wearing pink. Now, my next step was abundance. I want a lot of joy, a lot of love, and a lot of things. I am a career-driven hopeless romantic Capricorn, I can’t help myself. So, I decided to explore Abundance Meditation.

Freaky Thing # 1:

As I was googling for abundance meditation programs I received a message from my friend in London. “Hey Alex! Would you like to be part of the 21 Days to Abundance Meditation? It was created by Deepak Chopra! It is a meditation and journaling based program. Let me know if you want to join!”

Um, okay, that was weird and cool and freaky, all at the same time. Could it be that the Universe was happy I was about to explore the deep rivers of abundance? I’d like to think so!

Freaky or not, we must admit the coolness factor to it.

Freaky Thing # 2:

Day 1 Exercise

  • “write down 50 people who have influenced your life — living or dead”
  • the list must have at least 50 people

As I sat there, I could only think of about 10 people. I even wrote on my notebook: “this list is sad, I should attend more Ted Talks”. I really wanted to emerge myself in this task so I entered into mindfulness meditation. All of sudden my hands starting writing names, my brain started thinking, remembering, and listening. I had written 68 names, all the people that have inspired and influenced me. I really wanted to finish it at 70, but I couldn’t think of anybody else.

I said “please, give me two more names”, to thin air.

A text message came in. My friend Jenna texted me to ask me how was Tony Robbin’s birthday event and if Jenn Ferris, the woman who was abandoned by her mother at the bus stop in India, was there. Those two names made my list the 70 I wanted. I was shocked at the timing, I mean, why did Jenna decide to text me at 11:34 pm to ask me about this specific thing that happened 3 months ago?

I started getting the hang of it — all I had to do was ask and I was actually receiving.

Freaky Thing #3:

I finished the exercise and headed to bed. In bed I was contemplating the idea of starting my own Youtube channel. However, the more I thought of it the more questions I had. One of those questions was: “what kind of content am I going to create? I decided to ask for help in my meditation/prayer. When I finished I continued to opened my phone to set up my alarm but it opened on instagram where Gary Vee’s video “If you don’t know what content to make, watch this!” started to play.

I smiled, and laughed a little. I woke up my fiancee and he asked me what I was laughing at.

I said “abundance is rad!”

“Okay, lil’ crazy, go to sleep” was his response.

Freaky Thing # 4 and last one (for now):

My mom called to tell me my sister was crying and having panic attacks — the quarantine has really hit small children emotionally and mentally very hard. My sister is 12. I asked my sister if she would like to learn how to meditate, she said yes. I got on my laptop and started looking for books or videos on how to teach children to meditate (since they are very different than adults)

A call comes in. It was my college friend Luke.

“Hey Alex, so I am doing a spring cleaning and I am getting rid of books. I know you love meditation and I know you have a younger sister. I don’t know how old she is but she might benefit from books I bought for my children to teach them how to meditate. Do you want them? I can drop them off tonight!”

I said yes, thanked him with all my heart, and after I hung up I looked over at my sister and said:

“Ariana Grande was right, the universe must have our back

I will continue to update you in my journey as the 21 days come to an end!