When spending time in the office while working closely with other people, there are many times that can be challenging or uncomfortable. In many cases, you may not be prepared to handle the situation professionally. However, if you prepare for these situations and know what you’ll do if they occur, it’ll help conflict in the office be settled much more smoothly. If you want to be aware of difficult situations that can occur and how to handle them, there are are a few tips to follow.

Offering support to a grieving employee

There will likely come a time when you come across an employee that is mourning the loss of a loved one and is emotional in the office. Remain sensitive by avoiding asking any questions or pressing the issue. Send a gift basket to their home and offer your sentiments. Allow them to take time off of work as they mourn and heal. As time passes, you can attempt to talk to them about the situation.

Handling conflict

Conflict can occur from time to time between employees, which can put other people in an uncomfortable situation. Resolving the issue is necessary to prevent it from escalating and to preserve the integrity of the workplace. You’ll need to get involved as a manager by meeting with both individuals and understanding that it may not end in agreement. Ask them to come up with a solution together.

Terminating employees

Terminating an employee that isn’t performing well can be one of the most challenging parts of fulfilling the role as a manager. It can become an easier process by allowing the individual to see the warning signs before you let them go to give them a warning. Inform them if they’re underperforming in advance to ensure that they can have the time to work on improving before it’s too late. When it’s time to fire them, you’ll need to be firm and explain the reasoning behind your decision. Show empathy but remain in control of the conversation.

Confronting dishonesty

It’s important that you trust the employees that you hire, but there may be dishonesty that occurs if they steal from the company or cheat on their resume. If you’re afraid to confront the individual, you can expect for it to happen again in the future. Address the issue and take the necessary disciplinary action to set the standard in the workplace. If it occurs a second time, the individual may need to be fired.

Originally published at medium.com