You know it’s winter when your nipples want to freeze when you step outside to go for a morning walk and your electric blanket is turned onto high. Which is why it’s time to share 4 easy changes to boost your immune system this winter. 

Ok, so maybe my nipples don’t freeze over but heck it’s cold. And during these colder days, I am a lot more prone to getting colds and flu. Could it be because the kids and I are huddled together under blankets trying to stay warm and they are sharing their germs *yuck* – Maybe? 

However, it’s during the winter months that it’s even more important to rest well, eat well, drink more water and taking time to breathe. By doing more of this you will help keep the colds away it at the very least they don’t hang around as long. 

4 Easy Changes To Boost Your Immune System

1: Rest Well

I understand that it’s tempting to stay up late binge-watching the latest Netflix show however everybody needs their beauty sleep. The average adult requires 7-8 hours sleep a night to be the healthiest, sharpest most focused productive version of themselves. So go to bed early, and listen to your body somedays it’s important to give ourselves permission to put our feet up and chill (and FYI if this idea sounds crazy – then this is exactly what you need to do – chill baby)

2: Drink More Water

Am I going to bang on again about drinking water? Yes. Water is God’s elixir. It will help you reduce the amount of stress on your physical body, helps your memory and ability to withstand challenging feelings, plus water will help to flush out some of those nasty toxins that build up in your body. Grab yourself a clear drink bottle so that you can see how much you have been drinking. If you’re not sure whether or not you’re drinking enough water in a day, check out the colour of your pee. If it looks radioactive – you need to drink a heap more water.

3: Eat Good Mood Food

We are as healthy as what we eat, and that is both of body and mind. You only need to do a quick Google search to see how eating fruit, veggies and protein will not only help you fight off colds and flu but also improve your mood.

One of the best additions to make to your diet during the cold and flu season is some Bone Broth. It’s easy peasy to make, simply pop bones and veggies with water in a slow cooker and set to cook. Once you have your broth strained, freeze it in an ice cube tray and add it to gravies and stews. Yummmmmmm.

4. Take Time To Breathe

It goes without saying that every activity is getting completed faster and faster. Technology demands our attention, kids are wanting our focus and then there is the whole work/life juggle most of us mums deal with every day. With all this going on we forget to take time to breathe. You know that big deep belly breath that balances our nervous system and recalibrates our energy. 

Not only does breathing help you find your calm amongst the storm of emotions and feelings we all experience but taking time out to breath also reduces the stress we put on our bodies meaning that you are at your best to fight off any possible germs during this cold and flu season. Set an alarm on your phone to go off every hour and for 30 seconds to a minute breathe all the way down to the bottom of your belly.