games and questions to connect

When my kids were young, I used to go overboard making sure my family had fun. I thought everything had to be perfect, so I’d prep and clean up games and activities for hours.

But then I had more children and realized that family time is about connection – not perfection. And frankly, it’s not sustainable (or healthy) to spend time working myself to exhaustion with this.

So, today we’re looking at a few fan favorites for connecting with your kids without the fluff. First, here’s why moms love them:

*They’re ridiculously fun (both kids and parents will be laughing till their bellies hurt)

*They’re clean and appropriate (you don’t have to wonder if something unsavory is going to pop in)

*There’s NO prep, clean up, or looking up stuff involved. You can play even if you’re in the car. Or waiting in line for food.

Here’s are the top 4 family games, based on reader’s views:

Family Feud

Survey says….you’re going to love it!

Keep score with pen and paper or just blurt the answers out. My kids are mesmerized by all the different answers people can say to this game.

Deep Questions

These deep questions about life can be used as conversation starters or a circle game to get to know people on a deeper level. Often, we are great at asking surface-level questions, but neglect how much we can connect if we just dig a little deeper.

Truth or Dare Kid Edition

I thought my Truth or Dare days were over. But then, we discovered that the clean version is possibly the most fun we’ve ever had as a family.

Beware: you’re going to learn a lot about your family members, and watch them do things like “hug a tree” and “ask the neighbor for toilet paper.”

Two Truths and a Lie

And finally, your family knows you well, but how well? Find tricky fibs and see if your family can pick them out.

In Conclusion

Good family time isn’t always easy to come by. But these games make it easier for you to be consistent with it. While the difference may not seem like much right away, you’ll notice how much more you’re laughing together in just a few weeks.

And you’ll be so glad you made the time for family.