There is a quote I read back when I was a young girl that said ‘the tongue is the smallest organ but can cause war’.

Truth is words professed in the wrong way can greatly affect who you are, what you stand for or believe in. Staying positive in your dessert is not easy, for most people who have ever overcome any form of resistance; it’s the confession and belief in their words that brought clarity.

Situations in life come not only to test our spirit but our thoughts. You can slump at the sight of failure or dust yourself and continue grinding.

Sometimes it’s up to us to make the decision to get off the slump and make things happen. It’s the beginning of another year with more resolutions and goals been set. The impact of this process brings about self-assurance and awareness that was not there before.

Now how do you keep this self-assurance going, by keeping a positive confession each day and following your goals? Here are just a few hacks that have truly helped me overcome negativity in life and approach life with a result oriented mindset.

1. Mindset

Changing your mindset is a process that takes time and effort to change. Your mind rules everything you are currently trying to achieve, without it you’re doomed. Having a clear mind will help you strategize and come up with clear targeted goals.

To do this you need to change your belief system, whether it’s in relationships or in your finances. Clear your mind of everything you have been taught to believe and start your own belief system. You will be more result oriented with such a mindset than one built from a structured system that never works.

2. Create daily habits

Habits create a sequence in your life. Healthy habits will make your life better. Whether your goal is to wake up early or lose weight, habits build your self-confidence. When you have a relatable schedule then it’s easy to align your goals and come up with direct strategies.

Create positive habits that build you personally, whether you are focusing on one part of your life or overall.

3. Goal setting

Goals perpetuate action, and action brings results. If you understand this then you know the importance of creating goals or even targets. Goals don’t necessarily have to be financial but also personal development.

For instance, you could set a goal to take up a course in the first quarter that directly correlates to your skill. If you want to elevate your career taking up a new skill will help you chat new waters and get you even better clients.

Another goal that will keep you soaring high is reading a book or even listening to audio books still counts. I have a goal to read a book a month, I know its way stretched but that’s just me, I’m sure you can do better.

4. Learning new skills

When you learn a new skill you quickly gain confidence in your skills. For example, if you are a marketer there are different course including digital marketing you can take. Search for courses that will add value to your current skill to give you that push of confidence.

Learning is a continuous process, no one stops learning, and you need to keep yourself up to date with current trends and information. For example, the current changes on Facebook force us to think out of the box as digital marketers. Use such opportunities to scale your knowledge and become an expert in your field.


Creating a positive mindset is a process of self-discovery and reaching new heights. Start somewhere is my best advice; it can be as small as each day or every week.

Keep the positive vibes going this year and become an even better version of yourself.