How to Bring Excellence Into Your Business

On a daily basis, we come across many products that can compare to each other, and it is difficult to see the difference just from first glance. But if you look close and examine further one can see that the differences are in the details. Whether it is the material, the stitching, the wrapping, companies all want to sell a successful product so many will make the same thing making it in their own way. In the long run though, excellence is key when it comes to having a successful business on the market.

Excellent products create fans, or productive returning customers. Fans are customers that keep coming back and bring in more clients by word of mouth or by recommendation. Excellent product make clients say I need that, every time I have said problem or situation come up. Excellent services make any client want to come back to your establishment, and use your facilities for their most important events. So needless to say, excellence is key when it comes to building a successful business.

Now, lets talk about the many different products that all do the same thing, how do we decide which one is the best? Well, first we examine each and compare them to each other. We find the differences, we find the similarities, and we weigh them against each other to ultimately make the decision. But if they all do the same thing, shouldn’t they all be the same?

Technically, yes, they all are made similarly if not the same. But if you notice price difference and packaging, right there that tells you straight away that one of the biggest differences is material and production. The amount of money and time spent creating said product is directly reflected in the price. See, when creating fans you do not give the customer a half ass presentation, you don’t give them a template of your product or a quick run through of your services. You want to engulf them in the idea that they need what you are selling.

So, how do we produce an excellent product or business?

Learn about your customers and your target audience

When creating a business, you are providing people with a solution to some sort of problem both you and your target audience have or had. So talk to them, get to know their name and let them know you see them as real people not just a dollar sign.

Focus on perfecting your product or services

Analyze production, look at where your energy and money is being invested, and see what can be cut out to make room and time for better choices, better investments for your business. In other words, cut out all the crap.

Be your first and biggest fan

Make sure that before you try to convince anyone that they will need you, your services or your product, you to believe this yourself. Have full trust that your business will provide an immense amount of happiness to your customer and bring that confidence everywhere you go. “If you focus on truly being the very best you that you can be, you will become massively successful.” (Entrepreneursh*t)

Go the extra mile

Like the famous quote goes on to say, it is never crowded there. Average people will do an average amount of work and put in an average amount of energy to produce an average product. Those who want to produce an excellent product do more that the average, this is what will set you apart and accelerate your business.

Needless to say, no business is run the same. But every one, even ourselves, ask for nothing less than excellence when we hire a service or buy a product. We work hard to make money to buy things we want and need, we expect to get our moneys worth. Whether it is one dollar, $1,000 or $1,000,000, we expect to get what we paid for. Our own clients will be no different. What will make you stand out more than the other guys?

If you exercise excellence in all aspects of your life, not just your business, you will stay ahead of the curve. One of the reasons many companies lack excellence is because they try to fake it! You cannot fake excellence though, being excellent is a full time job it’s not a part time hobby.

When companies put out a less than excellent product they are setting the tone for what kind of brand they are. Even if their packaging looks flawless, but the actual product lacks quality or isn’t up to par and that is a tell-tell sign that their excellence isn’t applied in every aspect of their lives, but only in the things they think will benefit their pockets. Customers may purchase once, but wont come back for more. When you apply excellence in all aspects of your life, you will radiate excellence in everything you do, and it will automatically reflect in your performance in your business.

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