Obesity is a complex medical condition whereby the body accumulates excess fat. There are various effective ways of preventing obesity because at a certain level it becomes a health risk.

Most people suffering from obesity have food addiction disorders, and they feel the urge to keep eating. Consequently, the body weight increases as a result of overeating, immobility, family genetics, among other factors.

Psychological issues such as stress can also trigger weight gain. The doctor determines the level of obesity by checking the body mass index, and it is the value derived from the height and mass of a person.

Obesity comes with medical complications like:

· High blood pressure

· Joint problems

· Depression

· Diabetes among others

Obesity is a leading preventable cause of fatality worldwide, and it is advisable to embark on a controlled weight loss program which will help overcome eating disorders. Some of the effective ways of preventing obesity include:


Exercise is an effective way of preventing obesity and an excellent method of improving both physical and mental health. Climbing the stairs instead of taking the lift, walks in the park, and swimming is simple activities you can do to burn calories and in the process stay clear of obesity. Any form of physical activity is good as long as the body is using more energy than usual.


Indulge in a healthy lifestyle by eating low- calorie foods with whole grains included. Eliminate processed foods and sweetened beverages as they are both high in added sugars and calories. Indulging in Junk and oily fast foods are some of the major causes of obesity. High protein diets reduce appetite and make one full faster reducing the tendency to overeat.

Eat moderately as excess food leads to excess calories thus the weight gain. Always go for the cholesterol-free cooking oil or better still steam your food. Consume more vegetables and fruits as they have minimal energy levels and fewer calories.


The body needs enough amount of water for most of the essential organs to function excellently. Water is good for metabolism which results in weight loss and also helps to remove all the toxins by detoxifying the system improving the condition of the skin.

Drinking water relieves constipation and hydrates the body preventing dryness. It is advisable to consume at least 6 to 8 glasses of water daily to regulate bowel movement.


Sleep is naturally an effective way of preventing obesity. Getting adequate quality sleep at the right time enhances your energy level, relaxes your mind, boosts your mood and improves your memory. Enough rest of at least 7 to 8 hours every night reduces the stress level and helps reduce anxiety.

Habitual lack of quality sleep associates with adding weight, high blood pressure, increases the risk of heart and kidney diseases.

As you struggle with the weight loss journey there are several emotional and physical withdrawal symptoms you will experience for example:

· Mood swing

· Insomnia

· Food cravings

· Being Irritable

These signs are some of the various setbacks that occur and are quite usual though withdrawal side effects differ in each person. All you need is to focus on the positive results of this decision.