Greater Self Confidence

Putting yourself out there on the www where billions of people have access to ‘you’ can seem a bit intimidating at first. I have been through the phase where I started to write a post, pictures, rich content the works ‘in my opinion’ and ended up not posting it; because I didn’t feel confident enough about it, & I feared poor reception of course. However, as time progressed, regular posting, and engaging with other bloggers I have become more open, relaxed, and become so much more confident in myself! If I write a post. I know that “someone” will read it and be inspired and to me, that’s my motivation.

Organization Skills

Before engaging in serious blogging, my time was split between Work-Exercise-Sleep-Tv-Whatever << throw in there an average of 4 hours of study time per week, and please note that this was random. Some days I felt like studying, some days I felt like working out…. you know what basically I was all over the place or rather wasted quite a lot of free time. Since then I have created a calendar schedule “never really one to follow those” between the hours of 5:30 & 11 p.m, which is usually my idle time. Now I have NO idle time. I even indirectly gave up TV 90% because I am constantly doing something constructive and in the blink of an eye, it’s bedtime. By the way, this leads to better time management skills. 

Increased Focus

If you lacked focus or struggled with it, a great challenging tip to help drive that is by maintaining a blog. If you are really passionate about it, you will ensure that you put in the effort into it which essentially, slowly but surely translates into your personal life. Maintaining this site requires so much energy, and at first, it felt a bit annoying I admit, BUT over the past two months, focusing on topics, developing ideas, redesigning, and learning different aspects to implement has truly been a rewarding experience. Being consistent with blogging has taught me that the more you keep at it, it becomes more ingrained and natural.

Open Mindedness & Raising My Standards

You become more aware of opportunities & you constantly remind yourself that your dreams are worth it, and keep going. Giving up at 10% is no longer in the conversations in your head. You embrace change and kick the fear of it in the ….. And the most fun part, your critical thinking develops more and you begin to create these opportunities for yourself as opposed to waiting for an offer, the more content you create the easier it gets.

Now that I’m a mindset & success coach and I look back on my journey, it was really difficult and I am still learning and growing as the process continues. Maybe these tips can support you in becoming more open to the pain, stresses, and allow for growth as you move into the greatest season of your life. I would love to hear more of your experience since embarking on your personal growth journey!!

xx Menellia