You’re stuck and you want changes in your life. You’ve heard of this thing called Life Coaching. But you aren’t sure if it’s for you.

In the past 10 years as a Life Coach, I’ve seen a wide variety of clients and wider variety of results. For some clients, they achieve breakthroughs within every coaching session. 

For others, Life Coaching just doesn’t work well for them. I’ve seen the patterns of what works and what doesn’t work for clients. 

If you want change in your life, here are 4 reasons you should NOT take Life Coaching

1.) You want to change someone else

You want to learn how to change your boyfriend or girlfriend, change your spouse, change your boss or colleagues, change your parents or change your kids. 

Sorry to disappoint. If you’re out to change another person, Life Coaching is not for you.

2.) You want your Life Coach to provide answers

You’re stuck and you want answers. Answers to the questions that keep you up at night. You won’t get answers FROM your Life Coach. Nope. You might even get more questions from your Life Coach. You will need to face the questions you’ve been avoiding, questions you haven’t even thought of, questions that matter. 

Because the answers that truly transform come from within you. 

3.) You want to blame someone else

Some clients just go to Life Coaching to blame the ex-, blame the boss, blame the parents. If you’re out to just rant and blame someone else for your problems, you’re wasting your time and the time of your Life Coach.

Life coaching is for people who are ready to take responsibility for their own results.

4.) You want additional proof that your problems are special

You’re in a rut, and you believe this is your fate. You come into Life Coaching wanting to prove to someone else (parents, spouse, kids) that you have serious problems. You want to tell someone: “See, I told you! My problems are dead serious.” 

If this is you, you’ll find every excuse to continue to have problems. You’re like a hypochondriac just searching for proof that you are sick. 

STOP! Don’t do it. 

If you want to take life coaching for any of the above reasons, save yourself time and money. Life Coaching isn’t for you. However skillful the Life Coach, if YOU do not take responsibility for your results, Life Coaching will not give you the permanent changes you need in your life. 


If you want to change yourself (not anyone else), go for Life Coaching.

If you’re willing to answer the tough questions that could change your life, go for Life Coaching.

If you’re willing to acknowledge your contribution to your past results, if you’re willing to take action to change your results from hereon, go for Life Coaching.

If you’re sick and tired of the problems you’ve held on to for years, if you’re ready to change your thoughts and beliefs, change your actions and change your results, go for Life Coaching.

Commit yourself to creating positive permanent results for yourself. Life Coaching can help you achieve powerful results faster, easier. 

Take Life Coaching for the right reasons and you will get the results you aim for. 🙂 

Love Day by Day! 

Coach Edwin 

Image source: Pixabay