Let’s face it, Facebook has become the go to social media platform for most businesses to launch marketing campaigns that will build their brand and bring in more revenue. And there is a good reason for that. It is the social media platform of choice for the multitudes.

These days, just about everyone uses Facebook.

With the right kind of ad campaign, you will be able to reach far more people than with an average campaign via a different medium. A benefit to running Facebook Ads is that you can set up your target budget and make sure that you don’t exceed your monthly spending limitations. So it will never cost more than what you are prepared to spend.

A bonus to this kind of ad campaign is that you do not need to be keeping an eye on it all day every day. Added to this, you are able to reach your exact target audience with just a few clicks of your mouse.

It’s never been simpler to run a campaign, and we’re going to give you four tips which will make your life that much easier and also give you some extra free time to use elsewhere, like getting the right amount of sleep, which we all know is crucial to our well-being and will enable you to then throw yourself wholeheartedly into making a success of your business.

1. Identify the Target

This is a crucial step that needs to be taken into account right at the very beginning. You won’t be able to run successful ads if you don’t know who it is that you want to reach with them. With each different group of people there will be a different group of problems, so you want to be sure that you are reaching the right people with the correct solutions.

In order to identify the right market, you need to first list all of the problems which your product solves. After that you will be able to narrow down the audience which you want to reach and be able to create ads that will specifically target that audience.

Facebook has three different kinds of audiences – saved audiences, custom audiences and lookalike audiences. A saved audience allows you to define your target audience through honing in on their location, age, interests etc.

A custom audience is based on those who have had previous dealings with your brand. And lastly, the lookalike audience aims to target an audience based on your current customer base.

Now that you know who you want to reach, you can create an ad campaign that will stop them in their tracks.

2. Short and Sweet, yet Powerfully Gripping

In this area you need to master the art of storytelling.

Become a pro at telling your story in short, sweet yet powerfully gripping words. Successful ad campaigns aren’t necessarily the ones that use the most words or images. For the most part, the art of successful storytelling is to get the reader to engage by playing on their emotions.

Yes, this sounds strange, but it’s true. Emotions are what get people to buy a product, as they greatly influence, and in some cases even determine, our decisions. Studies have shown that positive emotions towards a certain brand or product will have a much greater influence on a customer’s loyalty than on whether the product is superior to others in the market or not.

3. Quality and Color (Really) Matter

When designing your ads, make sure that you are keeping it high quality (this will give your brand a better name in the long run, and allow you to be able to hold your head high at all times) and using engaging colors.

Color is directly connected to emotions, which will mean that your audience will be more willing to engage with your brand. Keep in mind that visual content is generally far more compelling than written content. More often than not, people will stop and read an ad that has a striking image, rather than one in which no image is used.

It would be well to note that you also need to ensure that the colors which you use do not clash with one another, as this can be quite the put off. Since colors evoke emotions, you want to be sure not to use colors that will be opposite to the emotion which you want to evoke in your audience.

4. Create Urgency With Your Call-to-Action

It is really important to have a call-to-action (CTA) in your ad. This not only grabs attention right away (when done right), but it also creates a sense of urgency in the viewer. By using action verbs and staying relevant (your CTA needs to promote your product), you will be able to grab attention in the right way.

The most effective place to have a CTA would be in the ad’s headline. It is important to give your audience a reason why they should act. As well as creating a sense of urgency by having a cut off time of how long the offer is valid.

By following these points you will be able to draw up an ad campaign that will do most of the work for you. While your ad campaign is bringing in the bacon, you can grab a few extra hours of sleep, take a walk in the park or spend some quality time with the family. It really is a win-win situation.