Regrets are an unwelcomed event that would ever happen to any being. It is a moment that no one will ever want to witness. Though it is part of the life we are living. The fact that nobody is perfect gives room no regrettable moments. However, there are some periods where the “Had I known” is used in a positive manner. Nevertheless, the positive manner will still come in a regrettable format.

In life, there are always preventive measures to avoid occurrences. We can either decide to prevent it or facing the consequences when it negative occurrences happen. As the popular saying goes; “Prevention is better than cure”, therefore, it is advisable to lay the foundation of preventive measures to avoid the stress of finding the cure that might not be found.

Moreover, the words “Had I known” is commonly used when it seems no hope exists anywhere. It seems to be uttered all doors of solution have been closed except a miracle. The words are uttered when the victim is set to accept he has reached the final destination of his fate.

Most times the lines “Had I known” is used when the negative part of the life happens. It is almost welcomed with regrets.

To avoid such a phrase of “Had I known”, there are important things you need to prioritize.

Seek Knowledge

Knowledge is the light as the popular saying goes, no doubt about that. “Had I known” could be described as the ignorance of failing to do the right thing at the right time. Therefore, the only preventive measure to ignorance that comes in form regrets is knowledge.

Seek knowledge that can shape your life in all sphere. Seek knowledge that would distant you from uttering the words “Had I known” I would have learned this or that.

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When I mean seeking knowledge, I am not saying going to school only. I am not saying getting Bsc or Msc, it is not even getting a Ph.D. only. If you must acquire any degree you think you can, don’t just rely on your certificate in life. Learn other skills that can add value to your life. Examples of skills are digital marketing, content marketing, graphics designing, business ideas, content management, business mastering etc


Patience is one of the important keys in life. Without enough patience certainty, the comment Had I known will surface. No matter the challenges or situations are you facing, you need to patient. An impatient individual can destroy the house has laboured to build for thousands of days.

Patience is mostly needed when you react to something either by uttering or penning it. Avoid saying harsh words you might regret later after the issue has been settled. Avoid penning down hate or abusive words when you angry, control your anger and learn to be patient. Annoyance can make you say anything. Annoyance can make you react in a manner you might not like after you have gotten back to your normal self.

Therefore, try to control your anger and learn to be patient. Patience is one of the antidotes of regrets.


Respect is also one of the essential ingredients of life. In addition, respect they say is reciprocal. Learn to give respect to those who deserve it. Giving respect to anybody shouldn’t cost a dime. Therefore, to avoid the regret of “Had I known” to respect others irrespective of gender, age, tribe, colour or status should be valued.

When due respect is given to the appropriate quarters, you find it difficult to regret some actions. Disobedience and rudeness sometimes work together to show a lack of respect.

Don’t be rude or disrespect anybody you meet in life irrespective of their status. The person you disrespect today might be the same person that will be in the position to help you tomorrow. The person might be in the position to change your status from that zero to the hero level. Therefore, learn to respect every being you meet in life to avoid the words “Had I known”.


Lastly, forgiveness is another important ingredient of life to shift the ground from the regret of “Had I known”. Seeking knowledge, being patient and respecting others is essential as well but forgiveness is a valuable part.

As a human being, we are all bound to err. We are bound to offend and to be offended. Therefore, learn to forgive whoever offends you either at home, office or community. Though it might be hard to forget and forgive some offences, however, try to forgive. It brings peace of mind and depicts you as a strong individual.

There are some situations when you fail to forgive someone but that same person could be in the position to help you in the future.

When these 4 things are taken into cognizance, we are unlikely to utter the words “Had I known”. Regrets of not doing the right things at the right time will never be our portion.

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