Have you ever made the decision to write down goals you wish to accomplish for the day because you woke up in the morning feeling so energized? But at the end of the day, you found out the energy couldn’t help you complete the set tasks?

That’s simply because you came across something that threw you off.

And you’re not alone. According to The Busy Person’s Guide to the Done List by Janet Choi, although we end up completing 50% of the things we set our minds to do, 40% of them are often not completed. And this feeling of not being able to do everything we set our mind to do therefore causes us to worry.

“We suffer more often in imagination than in reality” – Seneca.

So what are the four kinds of worries affecting our productivity?

According to the great American author and personal development expert — Earl Nightingale, “the creative capabilities of the mind is infinite”. Meaning the worries we carry in our minds do not only stop us from thinking creatively, but they also affect our productivity.

It’s either you’re feeling anxious or relaxed. And the anxious mind doesn’t think creatively. It seeks protection and safety. Thereby hindering us from completing our tasks or doing more when we’re working.

Earl Nightingale also classified the worries of the mind into 5. which four of these worries do not help us or our business grow in any way. They include;

1. Worry about the things that will never happen – 40%

Seeing the future is surely something that helps a business or person grow.

“I don’t know what the future holds” means you should focus on creating something that will make it better, not stop to worry about the wrong that might happen.

2. Worry about past things that will never happen – 30%

This is where the main problem lies because it slows us down. Worrying because something happened the last time will not help you stretch to reach out for more. Rather it will make you do less so you fall won’t be big.

And according to Les Brown, “shoot for the moon, even if you miss it, you will land among the stars.” So ignore the “it might happen to me, since it happened to my competition” and focus on giving yourself or business the best you can.

3. Worry about needless health issues – 12%

Even after taking medications that have prescribed by a doctor, people still continuously worry. Well, I think you need a reminder that the doctor is superior when it comes to medication. If the prescribed medications do not work, nothing or no one will, because it’s his profession.

So shut that voice in your head while working. Have faith, see yourself winning tomorrow and focus on doing what you have to do.

4. Worry about miscellaneous and petty things – 12%

Sometimes in the middle of what we’re working on, thoughts about what to eat or what to wear to the next business meeting come in to take control of the process. This therefore, causes us to worry and lose focus thereby killing our productivity.

Resolve to work all the time you work” – Brian Tracy.

Anything that isn’t related to you doing better at the moment should be completely ignored.

5. Worry about real legitimate issues – 8%

“How will I get the money for the next quarter promotions?”

This is the only worry which with basis. Because it helps you think about growing. But the awkward thing is it only 8% of what we worry about. Meaning we rarely worry about the most important type of worry.

The mind is the one place we should run to for help. but if we use most of it to worry, what will be left to create and think innovation? Your goal is in the future not in the past. Learning from what has happened isn’t the same as worrying about what has or will happen.

So when you catch yourself worrying, place that worry into any one of these categories and remind yourself that anxiety or worrying alone will not help you achieve your goals or move you successfully to the next quarter.