girl studying

Once we start letting ourselves become distracted whilst studying, then it becomes an option that we allow ourselves to take.

It’s important we have techniques that allow us to stay focused and stop us from postponing our studying.

Have a to-do list

Set up a daily to-do list the night before.

In order to maximise productivity, it’s important to plan everything you want to achieve for the next day.

Creating a list that you can tick off will help manage your workload and will also motivate you to complete the list. Ticking off the items will make you feel super-proud of your productivity.

Allow time for fun

When setting up your daily to-do list, allow yourself time for things you enjoy.

Working for 6 hours straight can be very hard for some people, especially with distractions around. Splitting up the day with half an hour slots of exercise, fresh air, phone call with a friend, or anything you enjoy, between your studying tasks can help re-focus your mind and stop you from becoming fatigued.

Remind yourself of the bigger picture

It’s easy to procrastinate because studying is boring and you’d much rather watch TV, play a game, or literally anything else! But that’s just focusing on the present, it’s important to visualise the future and think of the bigger picture.

Think about the reasons WHY you need to study. It could be that these exams are integral to your future success.

Think about where and who you want to be in the future – do your daily activities help you achieve that or hinder your chances of success?

Make sure you visualise that future and understand what action is needed to be taken to accomplish that. And if the thought of success isn’t enough to motivate you, think about the feeling of dispair and regret you may have if you fail to achieve these goals in the future.

You’ll be wanting to go back in time and tell that younger self to stop procrastinating and study!

Start off small and build it up slowly

If you’re planning to start studying don’t expect too much of yourself at the beginning. This is a sure-fire way to demotivate yourself.

Start off with a light-load of tasks with plenty of free time, then as the days go by slowly increase the work-load so that you’re not trying to do too much at the beginning.

It may be that you work best on certain days of the week, or working every day doesn’t maximise efficiency. Find a schedule that works best for you, only working 5 days a week may be better for you than trying to work every day.

All that’s left to say is good luck, and you can do it!