Your mind is the key to your freedom, but you need to learn to control it, rather than have it control you.

While much has been written about mental health, depression and other conditions we’re still learning about, you also hold a great measure of control over the way you think. This is critical because the way that you think will dictate your actions, which dictate your habits and shape your personality. 

Consider the tips below so that you can shape your mind and become the artist of your own world. 

Make Diligent and Consistent Use of Affirmations

The first step toward positive mental thinking is deciding that it’s your way of life. 

Don’t wait to see evidence of positivity in your life to allow yourself to think positively. Conversely, you should start learning to live your life from a positive foundation, and positive thinking will become a natural byproduct. 

First things first, you need to develop some core affirmations that can help you retrain your mind. You can start with some affirmations that point to things that are nearest and dearest to your heart. 

For instance, if you’re living check to check and seeking financial abundance, start developing the mindset that you already have it. Use positive affirmations like “I am wealthy”, “I am debt free”, and “Money loves me and is attracted to me”, are good places to start. 

There is clear science behind positive affirmations. In fact, professionals like Dr. Joe Dispenza assert that rewiring your brain’s neurons is powerful enough to even change your DNA and revamp your entire health. The C.G. Jung Institute and other scientists have long provided this through the advancement of DNA testing and other forms of research. 

Setting up the right affirmation will begin to change your brain little by little. As the neuroscience adage goes, the neurons that fire together, wire together. You will make these neurons begin fire together by creating affirmations that build mental associations. Take the time to control your brain toward what you want, rather than leaving it to chance. 

It’s important that you frame it in the present tense, so you can create and attract the feelings of already having what you seek. The more you do these affirmations, the more you’ll adopt those feelings, and feel as though you are living the life you dream of. 

From here, your mind will naturally gravitate toward the energy you’re creating with these affirmations, and you’ll be in the right place toward taking the necessary action to manifest these matters in your reality. 

Train the Body Like You Train the Mind

Be sure that you also do everything that you can to build your body as you build your mind. 

Medical professionals like Dr. Carl Jung have been at the forefront of describing the link between the mind and the body, as have ancient African and eastern philosophies for several centuries. 

When your body gets quality blood circulation due to cardiovascular exercise, your brain will also fire on all cylinders and remain clear and stress-free. You’ll want to tone and strengthen your body so that you can regulate your hormone levels, which also lead to positive thoughts and feelings. 

Whether you decide to weight train, engage in CrossFit or take a yoga class, this is excellent for your positive frame of mind. 

Set a Timer and Meditate Every Day

Be sure that you’re taking time to still your mind so that you’re not prey to the thoughts and feelings that can riddle you with anxiety. 

Your ability to clear your mind dictates how you carry yourself. People that meditate regularly are able to walk with self-confidence and a calmness that lets them bring it their best selves to every situation. 

Think of meditation as your mental gym to build your focus muscles. Bringing this clarity and sharpness of focus to your life will allow you to show up with positivity and a strong will. 

Eliminate Everything in Your Life That is Counter to Positivity and Abundance

Finally, do what you can to simplify your life. 

Contrary to popular belief, it’s not about multitasking and trying to fill your calendar with a million things, it’s about getting rid of everything that isn’t essential. This way, everything you do will have more purpose. 

Get rid of the difficult things, people and clutter in your life, and you’ll find that you’re free and light in your thinking and purposeful in your actions. 

Consider these four tips to reframe your life with positive thinking.