Are you an entrepreneur, coach, expert, or teacher who dreams of writing a book that changes lives for the better? If so, then please read on.

Writing a book is a great way to build your platform, share your message widely, and accelerate your mission of making a meaningful impact. Writing a book is also a great way to up-level your profile to being a recognized thought leader and/or a spiritual teacher.

As an author of my book, Money, Manifestation & Miracles, and as a literary agent for visionary entrepreneurs, coaches, thought leaders and spiritual teachers, I am often asked what it really takes to get one’s dream book published.

In response, I am happy to share the following 4 key tips:

1. Be clear on your intention — it is critical to have clarity on why you are writing a book. It takes a lot of time and energy to write a book, so be sure that you are crystal clear on the purpose you want the book to serve. In other words, what outcome do you want to achieve in writing and publishing your book? For some, the answer may be that having a book is an introduction or calling card to their business and world. For others, they overcame hardships and now want to teach others to overcome their challenges.

2. Quality is essential — the quality of the writing must be superior for a book to be considered for traditional publishing. The best idea or concept cannot overshadow the importance of a well-written manuscript. Sure, the editing process can enhance the story, but the manuscript must first be the highest quality.

3. Choose which publishing option is best for you — today there are more options for publishing your book. The three main options include self-publishing where you as the author orchestrates the entire process from designing the cover to public relations and marketing. This may appeal to you if you already have established audience and distribution channels.

The second option is to partner with a traditional and established publisher, which includes writing proposal, seeking a literary agent who will pitch your book to a publisher, securing a contract and collaborating throughout the copy editing, printing, marketing and public relations cycle. This process can often be daunting for many people, especially finding a literary agent.

The third option is a hybrid of the two options above, a combination of the element of traditional publishing with elements of independent publishing.

4. Make your mark — writing and publishing your book can help you to solidify your credibility and strengthen your platform. The secret to achieving this is to first have a strategy in place of how to mobilize and monetize your message. I have witnessed many emerging authors write a brilliant book and it doesn’t have longevity beyond the initial marketing and launch cycle. Having a robust strategy in place can make all the difference.

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Wishing you much success, and I look forward to learning about your beautiful book!

Originally published at on June 5, 2018.

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