When I went to my first Unleash the Power Within, in 2017, it was my second week on the job at Success Resources and my first ever personal development event. I didn’t know what I was in for!

One word: high-octane

Everything was in excess – dancing, neon lights, music and Tony. There was so much of him – 6’7 feet in fact. He was (and is) larger than life and almost a bit daunting to be around because there’s so much knowledge, passion and energy packed into just the one person.

Now, 3 years into learning about Tony Robbins and his material – I’ve collected 4 of my favourite lessons that you won’t necessarily find on YouTube.

1.Live in a beautiful state

Years before Tony Robbins called 2 opposing states as “peak state” versus “lousy state” and changed to “beautiful state” versus “suffering state”. This distinction made it clearer that in order to get out of suffering, you must put an end to that state you’re in.

For example, when you’re feeling frustrated about the huge line behind the checkout counter at the shops, give yourself 90 seconds to accept it and feel it, then after that don’t let 10 mins of suffering ruin the whole damn day!

Does it sound as simple as changing the channel from one state to another? Tony Robbins says that it’s possible to do it, you just need to recognise what suffering states you’re comfortable in and when it feels like you’re being pulled there, change the channel to get rid of suffering.

Shift yourself towards a beautiful state where you can experience love, joy and gratitude even if things go wrong.

2. It’s not about how, it’s about the who

The key to success? It’s about modelling who is best.

If you watch Tony Robbins’ Facebook Watch, he always brings industry leaders to his private retreats and workshops so his elite clients can learn from the best. But from watching his interviews and interactions with industry leaders such as Sara Blakely of Spanx and Brian Chesky of Airbnb, you’ll get the feeling that he’s really enjoying learning as well.

3. The greatest thing you can do in life is serve

Tony Robbins has 30 plus companies, travels all around the world and has met heads of state, billionaire entrepreneurs, celebrities, athletes and the people he gravitates towards are the people who have a heart for serving others.

In fact, this is Tony’s great life mission – to contribute to the world by helping others.  

He does it openly through charities but he also does it privately.  Whether it was the bushfires that ravaged Australia late last year or if it’s a person begging for money on the street, he will go out of his way to help and will always ask what he can do.

4. Impossible will become possible

Putting on Tony Robbins’ first big virtual event was no mean feat in just 2 months, from the tech used, event logistics and the human resources behind the event. It was a massive undertaking. Tony Robbins was aware of the complexities of this event and the possibility of things going wrong.

Try saying “I tried one thing” to Tony when you’re working on a big project and you don’t initially succeed. He will tell you to try 60 more ways…change your approach but keep the eye on the prize (which is serving thousands of people on the virtual event)!

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Thanks for reading my list. If you have any favourite lessons from Tony, please add it on the comments section.