Knowing your life purpose is the beginning of the journey towards your destiny. There is much more along the way. It will take you a lifetime to fulfill your life purpose.

Are you wondering how you can impact the world and leave behind a legacy to behold?

Read on…

Your life purpose is meant to provide a solution to a problem that a group of people in this world have. To be a solution provider, you require platforms that will provide you with the visibility you need. These platforms are found on different levels of organization.

There are four levels on which you can engage your life purpose.

1. Personal. At this level, the goal is to start a business, ministry, foundation, community initiative or gather a group of people and help them in a way. Those you serve in this way are your target audience or clients. At the personal level, you provide a service that can either be free or paid.

2. Corporate. At this level, you plug into a vision larger than yours. This can be in an organization, a partnership of many service providers, or annual event among others. You become part of a solution to a larger problem. You contribute to a larger purpose that requires the contribution of many people.

3. National. At this level, you plug into the vision of your nation. Each country or state has a vision that its citizens and government work towards achieving. Read and understand the vision of your nation and identify where your life purpose fits in. Which sector of society are you going to impact? Is it education, media, arts & entertainment, family, religion, business or government? Are there national movements or initiatives that you can be a part of?

4. Global. At this level, your impact is beyond the borders of your nation. You provide your services to others in your continent or around the world. The internet has made it possible for everyone to engage with any organization or initiative that is global. Technology has simplified communication, business and travel around the world. There are many global organizations or forums that you can be a part of.

Engaging your life purpose on these four levels guarantees that you will have an impact on the lives of countless people, many of whom you will never meet. A legacy is not built in a day or two. It takes a lifetime. As you grow and your life purpose unfolds, you will be well positioned to take on more responsibility in the world.

Take some time to reflect on where you can start to engage with others on the personal, corporate, national and global levels. Look for simple ways to provide solutions to everyday problems. When you are done with one level, start engaging with the next. Before you know it, you will be changing the lives of millions of people in ways you never thought possible. 


  • Josephine Ngatia

    Freelance Writer

    Josephine Ngatia is a Freelance Writer, who specializes in content related to Christian teachings, God-given purpose and work, just to mention a few. She is the author of three eBooks: Life Purpose: A Beginner's Guide; Demystifying the Grey Kingdom: The Truth about the Kingdom of Light and the kingdom of Darkness; and Maiden Book: How to Plan, Outline and Write Your First Book. When not writing, Josephine enjoys a cup of Kenyan tea, reading books and having deep conversations with friends. Throw in a movie once in a while. You can find Josephine on her blog: