marketing campaign

The advertisement industry has seen many revolutionary times when the campaigns changed the face of the earth. From banners ads to digital ads, the average American is exposed to a few hundred to a few thousand ads every day. The use of new technologies helped the businesses to win millions of new customers and even helped the candidates to win the elections. Direct mail campaigns proved to be the biggest player in the whole marketing game. Even in the age of digital ads, print mail still proved to be the most useful marketing method for every business.

Here are some marketing campaigns that made the biggest impact on the global communities.

1. The Pause that Refreshes by Coca Cola

The current idea of the Santa Clause is thought to be introduced by Coca-Cola. In reality, the same concept of Santa Clause has been around for years. Coca-Cola simply put all the ingredients in a compelling way to showcase the idea to the world.

The ad campaign by Coca-Cola gave a whole new idea to the world. Since then red costume of Santa Clause has become an essential part of events.

2. Real Beauty Campaign by Dove

This was an intelligent move by Dove where they used visual content to describe the fact that only 4% of the females consider themselves beautiful.

FBI agent draws the woman after she explains herself and then another stranger is asked to describe the same woman. The drawings from both subjects are totally different.

3. Red Bull Stratos

In 2012, Red Bull ran a promotion where Felix jumped from 24 miles in space. He became the first person to break the sound barrier without using any type of vehicle or rocket.

This ad took over the internet and attracted millions of new customers from all over the world.

4. McDonald’s’ “Our food, your questions”

McDonald asked the users to ask a question about the products. McDonald also answered all of these questions so the doubts can be cleared.

This was a bold move but this campaign helped to strengthen the trust of users in the food items offered by McDonald’s.

The Use of Print Media in Your Marketing Campaigns

Direct mail has always been on the top of the list of every company and brand. Print mail has been used even in presidential elections. When it comes to influencing the masses, direct mail has always proved to be the most effective and useful method. The twist was the use of APIs that made direct mail marketing whole better. Since the use of APIs for marketing, the world has seen a whole new phase of advertisement.


Most of the marketing campaigns were meant to offer special results for a specific event or period. Concepts and technologies like APIs for print media are going to stay here for long. Now, almost every marketing agency and campaign are somehow using the power of APIs in one or another way.